You are not safe in Siskiyou County, CA no matter what!

Yreka, CaliforniaApr 21, 20141 Comments

I have been reading about the speed traps around Yreka and other parts of Siskiyou county, CA, but even slowing down to 64 will not protect you. CHP pulled me over and lectured me about being an obstruction to the flow of traffic (even though no one was passing me and I was only maintaining an assured clear stopping distance from a line of heavy traffic going uphill on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! Isn’t it rather remarkable that the traffic was actually moving, much less going the speed limit?) for going 64 in a 65 zone. Further he ticketed me for VC 22400(b) which is enabling legislation that allows the Department of Transportation engineering division to conduct traffic surveys to establish a minimum speed. Then, Siskiyou County bailed me for driving without headlights (HUH?) and it took an act of Congress to get them to pay attention to what I wrote to them. Further, when I finally got their attention – (it took snail mail, a thick black magic marker and very small words) I finally got a phone number and the person I talked to said that they “did not read” the correspondance that they get in the mail. Then after all of this, they found me guilty of violation of VC22400(b) which no citizen can ever be charged with in the first place. This tells they never read the trial by declaration documents (a denial of due process) and that they find all people guilty of traffic violations. Once I get this ticket dismissed on appeal, I am going directly to the relevant oversite agencies about this. Even though it may be only 1 ticket, the way that it is handled tells me that this is a problem for thousands of people who have no choic but to use Interstate 5 in Siskiyou County CA. Their county budget for court fines as a revenue line item on their published budget is huge in comparison to their overall budget, and yet the distribution of the revenue on their report of operations splits up the fines so many ways that it is impossible to actually calculate the collections of traffic fines.

Subsequent event: I went to court and was found not guilty after they had found me guilty by declaration based upon the same information. I am writing both the Judicial Council - once I have jumped through the hoop of writing the court, and I am also writing CHP internal affairs because the officer in court said, "I didn't ticket you for impeding traffic, I ticketed you for impeding me!" to which I did not respond, but there is no where in the traffic code that says that one must yield to a cruiser which is not displaying emergency lighting or siren. In other words, I am lodging a complaint about the gross abuse of authority. The sad thing is that there is no recovery from the harm caused me in having to defend myself against them. This is another point I will make to the California legislator whose attention I intend to get. Not only should 100% of all tickets go to the state general fund except for aggravated tickets, i.e. over 20% of the posted legal speed, DUI, accidents and property damage etc but the citizen should be allowed to recover damages upon acquittal. Allowing the cities and counties to have 75% of the revenue generated go to the state general fund would only mean that they would write three times as many tickets to maintain their revenue center. Those states that passed similar legislation about traffic fines going to the state general fund saw their crime rates plummet because it motivated the police force to do real police work instead of harassing the citizenry for ridiculous and petty violations of the traffic code.
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