Benton, Tennessee Speed Traps

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4 lane highway US 411 through Benton Tennesse

Benton, TennesseeJun 27, 20131 Comments

Right before arriving in Benton you are on a two lane highway with a speed limit of 55. It goes into a 4 lane newly paved highway and the speed limit drops to 45. There is very light traffic through this area. I highly suspect they target out of state cars. The reason for that is the first thing the officer asked was where were we headed and if we were on vacation. Then he dropped the speed on the ticket to 5 miles over the limit. This experience has been very upsetting. Going through town some of the speed limit signs were covered up with plastic. I would encourage anyone to avoid going through Benton, Tennessee. I know we have made our last trip on 411. We will be reporting this to the State of Tennessee. If enough people are aware and take heed to this and boycott US 411 then the local businesses will feel the affects and get rid of this corruption.

Hwy 411 South just outside the town.

Benton, TennesseeDec 16, 20120 Comments

Hwy 411 is a 4 lane if you are heading north the speed limit is posted 45 then is changes to 55mph it is only 55 mph for 1.8 miles at that piont if drops to 40mph which is aprox one mile before you get to town. The linits are posted but when you change the speed from 45 to 55 back to 40 all within 2 mile streach of four lane and no town in site that to me is a speed trap.

At the city limits all the way through the town

Benton, TennesseeSep 16, 20120 Comments

US 411 has recently be upgraded to a 4 lane with ia 55 mph speed limit. Just before you hit tie city limits the hwy has a blind spot that does not allow you to see the town until you round the curve and start down the hill, but by then it is too late. The speed limit is posted just as you start around the curve, but as you come around the curve the police are shooting radar to the top of the hill and even if you start slowing down as you come into the town you are pulled over and given a $112 ticket. Be aware and watch out or you will you will be the next victim.

Hwy 411 through Benton, TN and beyond the city limits

Benton, TennesseeJul 28, 20122 Comments

I used to live in McMinn County just to the north of Benton. I drove through Benton on a daily basis to and from work. It was always common knowledge of their bogus speed traps to the locals. In years past they used to confiscate personal property from out-of-staters to insure their court appearance until the state courts stepped in and told them it was unlawful. Now my personal encounter with the Benton City police occurred early one morning as I was on my way to work. The police cruiser was sitting under a gas station canopy at the south end of the city limits as I was heading south on 411. I was already outside the city limits and following a slow vehicle when I pulled out to pass in a legal passing zone. Wasn’t long until I saw the blue lights come on and I thougth this cop was an idiot persuing me after I had already left the city limits and even though I exceeded the 55 speed limit to complete the pass it wasn’t the speed he was pulling me over for. When he approached my vehicle I informed him he was out of his jurisdiction to which he replied he could go anywhere in the state and stop me. I knew this to not be true so I let him do his thing and write a ticket for improper passing. Later in the day I contacted my friends with the state patrol who told me he could not go anywhere and told me to inform the judge I was outside the city when he claimed the infraction occurred. Like other postings have stated it’s a kangaroo court with the Mayor’s wife sitting silent and the police detective conducting court. The detective said to me that his officer "would not have pulled you over if you were not guilty". Cost me $98.00 and if it weren’t for the fact I was moving out of state in less than a month I would have posted the $200 bond they wanted to take it to a higher court and a lawsuit just to finally put them in their place for all the wrongs they have commited against mostly Georgia travelers through this town.

US 411 enetring town

Benton, TennesseeJun 02, 20101 Comments

I live in the local area (next county) and everyone knows “about Benton”. None-the-less they got me, even though I was driving under the speed limit. My speedometer (and GPS) read 37 mph – the officer claimed 51 mph and they won’t show the reading. I just paid the $84.50 (thats what they all are) as the court is no more than a Kangaroo court – the “judge” isn’t a judge or even a lawyer. Buy your gas, hamburger, and soft drink some place else. Too bad, the Sonic was very good.

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