Clarksburg, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Hwy 22 southbound exiting Clarksburg TN

Clarksburg, TennesseeJan 25, 20122 Comments

Entering Clarksburg TN southbound on Hwy 22 the speed limit rapidly drops from 65 to 40 requiring a quick reaction to avoid a ticket. But the real rub is after putting through this tiny town of little traffic at the 40 mph limit when you pass the last signs of a town and nothing is around you and you are within sight of the 55 mph speed limit sign, DO NOT SPEED UP. While I have never seen this technicality enforced anywhere in my 50 years, the local revenue enhancers (police) of Clarksburg will ticket you for accelerating before you have physically passed the 55 mph speed limit sign. Remain at 40 mph and do not contribute to this towns revenue. I also urge you not to contribute to their revenue by stopping at their one convenience store or BBQ joint. Old figures show they get well over $100,000 a year from speeding fines and driving schools and for a town of 400 people this is absurd. Without a doubt these guys will write tickets for anything they can. make a dollar on. Watch out!!!

Northern City Limit

Clarksburg, TennesseeJan 24, 20110 Comments

Beware, especially those drivers living in urban areas where speed limits generally correlate to population density, street lighting and commercial/residential development. Clarksburg is nothing more than an intersection of two country roads with a convenience store, a branch bank, a honky tonk and a handful of old, mostly run down, homes. Yet it has three shiny police cars who hide at the low end of a speed transition zone from 65 to 40 in less than a mile. If you happen not to see the 55 mph sign lodged between the 65 and the 40 mph signs, you cannot slow fast enough to be at 40 mph by the time you get there. Especially dangerous at night as there is no street lighting or commercial signage to indicate you are entering a township. The road is very wide (5 lanes, 7 counting the paved shoulders) and gives the driver the feeling you are going slower than you really are. Local government depends on speeding fines. This bunch of country rubes will really stick it to you if you are from out of their county. Tennessee Highway Patrol will give a motorist 9 mph over the limit, but Clarksburg’s own “Barney Fife” said, “One mile per hour over, you’re mine, city slicker!”

State Highway 22 near State Highway 22

Clarksburg, TennesseeMar 27, 20060 Comments

Clarksburg, TN has a population of 400 people, but has three police cars in constant use. This place has extended its City Limits five miles out of town for the express purpose of citing people for speeding. Approx. $100,000.00 of their income this past year was from speeding tickets. Incredible!

State Highway 22 near Exit Number 108

Clarksburg, TennesseeNov 19, 20040 Comments

City limit moved to about 3 miles out of town and speed limits change frequently from 55 to 50 to 45 to 30 to 65 in a 3 mile area. 2 Police cars patrol road regularly.

US Highway 22 near US Highway 22

Clarksburg, TennesseeMar 14, 20041 Comments

4 lane hwy. 40 mile per hour.Officer rides one end of limit to the other,turning around in the middle of the hwy.Hides behind signs and in curves with all lights off at night.All new things in the little town with 3 stores has been built with fines of non residents.

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