Collegedale, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Little Debbie Parkway

Collegedale, TennesseeJun 08, 20200 Comments

The posted speed limit on this road is 45 mph. The Collegedale PD has been very active on this road since they now have a budget deficit due to the revenue loss from the coronavirus. They will park off the road in retail store parking lots. Anything over 45 will get you pulled over, and particularly if you have out of state tags, or a beat up car, taillight out, tinted windows etc which serves to help them begin a fishing expedition. If you want to save money avoid traveling through at all costs, especially at odd hours, later at night, or when traffic is light, even if it means choosing a longer route, it will save you in the long run.

Speed trap on 8500 Apison Rd. Collegdale, TN

Collegedale, TennesseeJul 25, 20170 Comments

It was a Sunday morning, I came upon barrels with no indication of the Construction speed. It was a 4 line highway with no Construction signs. I looked around for a speed limit sign or even any notification about construction. . I was just slowing down to get to 45MPS . Police patrol car made a U-turn and stopped me. Speed limit was 35 with no warning. I asked where the signs were, the only speed sign was for an intersection 2 miles back for 35MPH. She could not tell me were the construction speed limit was indicated. All she responded was “It was back there, You just need to be aware of the area”. I am not a person who drives reckless, if I would of known the speed limit was 35 I would have never drove the speed I did. I am from Cincinnati, OH. I was told by a state trooper from another state to video tape the path I road and show the judge. My problem is I live 5 hours away and live on a fixed income. I do not get sick days or personal days. I can not miss work, so now I have a 144.00 ticket and will have 2 points on my license. This has extremely upset me. If Collegdale is going to have construction they need to please indicate the speed limit. It cant just be a guessing game. I guessed and I was wrong. I will now have to deal with this for the next 3 years on my insurance but the officer and the City of Collegedale meet their quota get their money … So they are happy.

This is a major misleading unfair problem to many drivers. I was not the only driver that was given a ticket in that area that day. It was awful.

Lee Hwy, Hwy 11/64 going towards Cleveland

Collegedale, TennesseeJul 17, 20170 Comments

The local city government decided it was a great idea to generate revenue if they lowered the speed limit from 55 to 35. The state told them to leave it alone, but their reasoning was for “PUBLIC SAFETY”.

US Hwy 11 (Lee Hwy)

Collegedale, TennesseeOct 20, 20160 Comments

US Hwy 11 from Bradley County (rural area) was annexed into Collegedale for the sole purpose of revenue from tickets. They recently lowered the speed limit to 45. They will stop you for doing 1 MPH over the limit. Whole town is a speed trap.

Tallant Rd

Collegedale, TennesseeFeb 10, 20140 Comments

Tallant Rd runs from Collegedale into county through predominately residential. Appears as typical county 2 lane but speed limit is 30 mph. Other road surrounding Collegedale are 35 to 45 mph. Road is patrolled heavily siting unsuspecting motorist. Appears this is by design.

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