Dover, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Highway 79 Dover TN

Dover, TennesseeNov 05, 20130 Comments

Speed trap is active 7 days a week 24 hrs a day between main street and
the Trace. If you get by them the first trip through they will hide somewhere else and try again for your return trip. They target locals as well as out of town
drivers. They mostly use the long downhill grade hoping someone will forget to
brake the entire distance. Limit is 45 and they have been known to ticket at 47.
If they can’t get anyone for speeding they will pull over little old ladies and see if they can scrape a few dollars out of their pensions for some minor infraction. Meanwhile big rigs with real men drivers breeze through at 60 mph + with no problems.I’ve seen it for years. It all boils down to legal robbery and who ever is behind it should be eating beans in a small room with a shiny metal toilet.

Dover–the entire town

Dover, TennesseeApr 17, 20101 Comments

This town’s income must come from out of state drivers. I actually got a ticket 48 in a 45. My car on cruise at 45 and I was going down one of the steep hills and I was coasting faster than the speed limit. Out of state plates. My friend with Tennesse plates flies by the same cop at 55 in that 45 and just waves and goes on…huh?

Hwy 49 East on East side of City Limits

Dover, TennesseeMar 23, 20101 Comments

Coming into Dover from the east on Hwy 49, the speed limit suddenly drops on this rural section of roadway from 55 to 35 for no apparent reason other than you are entering the city limits. There is one small speed limit sign on a curve that’s real easy to miss. They patrol this road with radar constantly and if they get you, it will cost you no less than $80.00

US Highway 79 near State Highway 76

Dover, TennesseeAug 13, 20081 Comments

Four lane highway, speed limit is 45 mph for several miles, some of which is rural in nature with no apparent justification for such a low limit.

US Highway 79 near Donelson Parkway

Dover, TennesseeMar 08, 20081 Comments

no warning of reduced speed, likes out of state motorist

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