Estill Springs, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Hwy 41 A on either side of town.

Estill Springs, TennesseeOct 21, 20160 Comments

Speed limit going into town 40 on the opposite side going out of town 55. Confusing, this is also in Tullahoma

Anywhere on 41A in the corporate limits

Estill Springs, TennesseeNov 19, 20110 Comments

Cruisers prowl and pulse their radar toward oncoming traffic. The speed limits are ridiculously low (down to 30 mph) on the five-lane, clear-view, unobstructed highway, with unexpected reductions at odd locations. The Estill Springs racket is evident by driving by the "courthouse" (a small frame annex to the police department) on days when court is in session and observing the line of people spilling out into the parking lot. The courtroom is a production line, with most "offenders" receiving probation and paying "court cost" of around $130.00. Avoid Estill Springs if at all possible.

41A between Skate World and Ford dealer

Estill Springs, TennesseeApr 14, 20100 Comments

A cop sits beside Skate World where hidden by building one side and nature on the other or cop sits in Ford dealer parking lot.

Eastbrook and Sundrop at Emma’s Market (formerly Tylers)

Estill Springs, TennesseeApr 14, 20100 Comments

Late afternoons and early evening as everyone is headed home from work, there are usually one or two cops parked in the picnic area of the marina, facing towards the hills in either direction. They nab people coming down the hills too fast.

State Route 41-A near County Trunk 279

Estill Springs, TennesseeNov 15, 20071 Comments

The entire town from city limit to city limit and one mile beyond is locally notorious for having ridiculous speed limit posting changes along the main artery through town. IE: 55 mph to 45 mph to 30 mph, up and down without any warning signs of decreasing speed limit. Speed limit signs are few and far between and difficult to see. Road is five lanes wide, with wide clear shoulders, few intersections and the posted speed limit Outside each side of town is 55 mph. Traffic stops will also occur without probable cause. Officers will state: "You were swerving, I couldn’t see your seatbelt" etc. etc.

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