Gallaway, Tennessee Speed Traps

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State Highway 196 near Interstate 40

Gallaway, TennesseeJan 11, 20070 Comments

This newly added area of the small town of Gallaway, TN has become a new speed trap. The Gallaway police department is over zealous and will ticket for the least little offense. Be careful.

US Highway 70

Gallaway, TennesseeOct 06, 20060 Comments

I was on my way to north Tennessee from Bartlett and was pulled over where there was no limit signs. When I was pulled over he asked if everything on the driver’s license was correct. I told him I had not changed my address on there since I had just moved. He continued to write me 2 tickets. One for 11 over the other for not changing my license within 10 days of moving. I had voluntarily told him the info and it got me another ticket. By the way, the speeding fine was for $110 and the address is $125.

US Highway 70 near Old Brownsville Road

Gallaway, TennesseeAug 16, 20060 Comments

Be aware that if you go past this town, which you cannot even see from the highway, they will stop you if you have a headlight or tail light out, even if you are not speeding. I had been driving all day in the rain from East Tennessee with my headlights on. My right front headlight had gone out, but I was unaware of it. I had stopped for dinner in Brownsville and had decided to continue to Memphis on Highway 70 to see the small towns. What a mistake! I was not speeding, as I am usually scrupulous to observe the speed limits. I had never even heard of Gallaway, but as I came through there, a police car came out of nowehere and stopped me somewhere northeast of the town. Within a minute there were two other police cars there as backup! Rather excessive for a lone, unarmed civilian, don’t you think? I had the misfortune to have left my insurance card at home: I had taken it out of my wallet for an international trip and forgot to put it back. They wrote me two tickets, one for the headlight out and one for the insurance card. They asked me if I had a weapon on me, and I truthfully said no. When I was searching my wallet for the insurance card, they saw my carry permit and told me that I had not told them the truth about not having a weapon. I replied that I had told the truth, since they had asked whether I had a weapon, not whether I had a carry permit. They said that I was supposed to tell them that I had a carry permit. I had never heard of such a thing, nor had two lawyers that I contacted later. One of the officers asked me if we could agree that I did not have a weapon. I replied, "I do not have a weapon on me, no." He said that my tone of voice was not very convincing and asked if I was sure. I asked whether he did not believe me. He said that it just seemed like I was not very sure of my answer. So I repeated, in a firmer voice, "I do not have a weapon on me, no." This satisfied him. I do not understand why he pursued this so far. I suspect that he was trying to antagonize me into a confrontation to give him an excuse to write me yet another ticket, arrest me, or try to search my car. On the way home, I was stopped again in Bartlett by a policeman for the light out. I told him that I knew about the light, and had already been stopped for it. I asked if he was going to give me a ticket. He said no, not for a light out, he just liked to let people know that they had a light out. He seemed rather surprised that I would ask if he was going to give me a ticket for that. Of course, I suspect that this was an opportunity for him to see if I looked like a drug dealer and investigate me further. But he was very nice. He asked me where I got the ticket, and I told him Gallaway. He said, "Those guys up there don’t have enough to do." I found out why they gave me the two tickets when I went to their court to deal with it. The judge dismissed both charges when he saw that I had a valid insurance card and had fixed the light, but he said that when there were two offenses, he always assesed one court cost. I was glad to have the charges dismissed, but it cost me $75. There were about eight or ten police officers in the courtroom dealing with tickets. Why on earth does a tiny place like this need that many police officers? It looks like a money-making scheme to me. Do not ever go through this place and do not spend any of your money there. I do not intend to ever go there again. I hate to say it, but sticking to the main interstates is probably a safer bet.

US Highway 70

Gallaway, TennesseeJul 11, 20060 Comments

I was pulled over on Hwy 70 in Gallaway Tennessee around 6:30pm on my way to dinner. The officer stopped me for speeding 10 mph over the posted speed limit and there was no speed limit sign. I counted 6 police cars that pulled in front, beside and behind me within 2 minutes.

US Highway 70

Gallaway, TennesseeMay 08, 20050 Comments

From city limit to city limit. I cant beleive this speed trap has not been cited yet. I would like to see a study done to determine how much revenue Galloway rakes in from this mile stretch of Highway 70.

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