Oakland, Tennessee Speed Traps

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West bound highway 64

Oakland, TennesseeMar 29, 20190 Comments

Goes from a 45 to a 55 to a 65 if your driving 55 in the 55 they will say you were in the 45. If you drive 65 in 65 they will get you for the 55. They also make sure your speeding exactly over 12mph because anything under is 50$ no matter what. It’s a speed trap city by itself . This area in particular might just want to do 45 all way threw.

3 miles outside of Oakland, TN

Oakland, TennesseeDec 01, 20151 Comments

The speed trap is just outside of Oakland, TN where the speed markers go from 65 to 55 back to 65 then again to 55 and then on the outside of Oakland it drops to 45 and there are no businesses near the markers. Almost always a cop sitting there to welcome you to Oakland with a nice summons to court for tickets over $100.00.

east and west of town – Hwy 64

Oakland, TennesseeFeb 12, 20130 Comments

Please note Oakland’s "court costs" (on top of speeding fine amount) is $110.00 ie 10 miles over the limit $65.00, PLUS $110.00 = $175.00

Highway 64 west of highway 196

Oakland, TennesseeSep 21, 20120 Comments

The city of Oakland annexed along highway 64 west all the way to the Shelby County line. Leaving Oakland west bound on 64 the speed limit steps up to 65 mph. As you approach highway 196 traffic light, the speed limit drops down to 55 mph and after the traffic light it steps back up to 65 mph. After you go though that highway 196 traffic light west bound and you are still in the 55 mph zone, there is often a cop on the right in the parking lot of a strip mall and he will nail you as low as 5 mph over. I have a 2010 Camaro SS and I punched it and got a ticket for 17 over. Not cool. I called the prosecutor and asked if I could go to their driving class, pay court cost and get it dismissed. that is what they let me do. They did get their money but I did not have the ticket on my record. There is an old saying: “If you throw enough money at something, you can usually make it go away”

Oakland TN anywhere through the 45 mph zone

Oakland, TennesseeSep 21, 20120 Comments

Oakland does have speed traps that generate money for the city and most of the time they are issued not as a matter of public safety. But the 45 mph continuous speed limit through the congested main part of Oakland along highway 64 is pretty high. If you go further east on Highway 64 you will eventually be in Somerville TN and the speed limit is 30 mph through that place and watch out for Somerville’s finest.

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