Puryear, Tennessee Speed Traps

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US Highway 641 near the North City Limit in a rural area.

Puryear, TennesseeJun 30, 20200 Comments

Apparently they have a camera installed, I received a notice in the mail 23 days after my alleged speed violation stating that I was detected driving 48 in a 40 speed zone. The notice had a picture of my vehicle rear end showing my license plate. The violation notice was mailed from Chattanooga which is a long distance from Puryear. The notice stated that the penalty for the violation was $50.00 and was due July 15, 2020. I have been driving over 63 years and have never received anything like this and I believe it should be unconstitutional but evidently several cities in Tennessee has camera’s installed. If I was driving in an unsafe manner in their city, surely I should have been stopped and told what I had done wrong!

North end of town

Puryear, TennesseeJan 03, 20180 Comments

This camera is located at a pole approximately 1/2 mile from the Puryear only traffic light on 641. The camera is placed low at bumper level. Just slightly north of the camera was a rent a cop in a white, older, smaller Chevrolet suv. My guess is he is monitoring traffic and anyone he thinks is exceeding 40 gets a bumper picture taken.
I received 2 scam looking “photo” tickets in the mail. I’m not sure who what driving !
Go to Andy Holts (Tn state representative) webpage. He posted an article in 2016 about these third party speed trap notifications. He says they are illegal because the driver is not allowed to face the accuser. (6th amendment rights) also, a third party vendor is not allowed to see these photos. For these reasons and other the camera enforcement is highly illegal.

photo set up some place

Puryear, TennesseeAug 28, 20170 Comments

I was mailed a “notice of violation from the Photo speed division. I was 10 miles over the speed limit, the charge for that is $50.00 They do have a very good pix of my vehicle. I have been traveling through Puryear for about 50 years, most of those years I have had a Kentucky tag According to AAA I was 4.2 miles from the state line apparently they were not fearful that I’d run over some one in TN, they didn’t stop me.
I will pay them the $50.00 but will try and give them some really good PR.
I have in the past 50 years driven in all the lower 48 + Alaska, all the Canadian provinces and the NW territories with nary a problem Guess Puryear is in bad need of money.

Within Puryear city limits on hwy 641

Puryear, TennesseeSep 04, 20150 Comments

They have new hand held photo enforcement camera. Drove through Puryear.
Two weeks later received picture of my car in mail with $50.00 ticket.
Never saw the police car nor a guy holding a camera.

State Highway 641

Puryear, TennesseeApr 29, 20050 Comments

This trap is a two mile, straight stretch of highway that goes from one end to the other of the Puryear city limits. The speed limit goes from 55 down to 40 MPH and there are numerous locations where the two Puryear police officers can sit on the side of the road and inconspicuously point a radar gun at you.
I was given a warning for doing twelve over about 5 years ago and about 4 years ago I stopped seeing any sign of enforcement. There were no cops to be seen, anywhere. They must have gotten their budget straightened out because the one day that I was late and could not avoid speeding, there he was, sitting in an empty parking lot with his radar gun beaming straight at me. Unfortunately for me I didn’t see him because I happened to be passing someone at the time. I’m not upset about it because I was definitely exceeding the posted limit and the officer lowered it enough so that I didn’t have to suffer through drving school. However, I do think that the 40 MPH limit is a little lower than a realistic speed for this area. I should also mention that a new school has recently been built in Puryear and there is a new 25MPH school zone. They watch it like hawks! Drive safe.

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