Austin, Texas Speed Traps

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Comanche Trail past Oasis restaurant

Austin, TexasAug 15, 20160 Comments

This involves a specific Travis Country deputy and a large white or cream colored SUV. The SUV deliberately drives well under the posted speed limit and stops for no reason to get you to drive too close to the vehicle. The officer is waiting to say you were following too closely to the SUV. This deputy KNOWS the SUV driver. I will be researching further.

I ended up passing the SUV on the opposite oncoming lane after the driver stopped in the roadway six times. He is dangerous but I have no doubt it is a set up between the Travis County officer and the SUV driver.

I went to contest the ticket – he also said I was speeding and I only went over speed limit by 3 mph to pass the unsafe driver. The officer lied and said I was going much higher. Anyway I am onto this dirt lying officer’s agenda. I will be videotalping any illegal activity I find woth these two.

South 1st & Meadow Lea

Austin, TexasNov 05, 20150 Comments

Cop sits next to a house in Meadow Lea slightly obscured by a fence from one direction and a corner when coming from the north.

Hwy 183 and Lake Creek Parkway North bound

Austin, TexasOct 16, 20150 Comments

have 2-3 speed traps between Anderson Mill and Lakeline Blvd. During morning hours 7:30 – 10:30 when I am on my way to work at Cedar Park.

Near UT: Dean Keeton @ I-35

Austin, TexasJun 11, 20150 Comments

Dean Keaton goes below ground-level at I-35.

In the shadow created by I-35 (essentially, an overpass…although I-35 is at ground-level), a cop hides to catch people going more than 30 mph…a speed that is impossible to maintain without braking because cars are going downhill.

Hwy 183 North and Anderson Mill Rd (North Bound)

Austin, TexasApr 29, 20150 Comments

Cop waiting at North Bound Hwy 183 North and Anderson Mill Rd with laser on Monday 10:15 am.

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