Bremond, Texas Speed Traps

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Intersection of highway 14 and highway 46

Bremond, TexasMay 02, 20110 Comments

Haven’t had a speeding ticket in almost 50 years. On a Sunday morning at about 8:30, on a clear day with very light traffic, I was ticketed for doing 43 mph in a 30 mph speed trap on highway 14 in Bremond, TX. The 43 mph seems to be a common speed to be charged with. For a short distance on each side of the intersection of highway 14 and highway 46, which is well marked with caution lights, the speed limit drops from 40 mph to 30 mph. While traveling back through the town at about 3:00 PM, there was another driver pulled over in the same area where I had been stopped. For about 25 years I have done a lot of business with several places of business in this town while traveling through, but I will now do my best to avoid this town and their business’s.

Bremond, Texas

Bremond, TexasApr 12, 20110 Comments

I am a very meticulous, careful driver. I was driving North on Highway 14, and about a mile North of Bremond a City of Bremond patrol car pulls me over and the officer tells me I was going 43 in a 30 mile zone in the city. I didn’t remember going over a posted speed limit at any time. I cannot be absolutely certain, but I feel the allegation was a fabrication. My impression is that this event was not about safety, but about the City of Bremond making their budget. I certainly have a negative attitude about Bremond now.

Bremond Texas

Bremond, TexasMar 07, 20110 Comments

Bremond is up to their old tricks. Read the blogs on this town, the identical thing happened to me in Febuary 2011. I saw all the signs and know without reservation I was not speeding. I even pointed out the sign to the officer, who by the way was professional acting. But he was not hearing anything I had to say, wrote me for doing 40 in a 30mph. = $168.10
Shame on this town, in times of economic difficulty I guess people will do anything for money!

Inside the city limits!!!!

Bremond, TexasJun 16, 20101 Comments

Driving through town in route to work in Corsicana got stopped for driving 40 mph in a 30 mph. Never seen the officer until he was behind me and I was in a 45 mph zone. Have not had a ticket in years!!! While driving back through Bremond later that evening I seen the same officer 7 miles east of the city limit and had the women out of the car. Lady was driving a nice car and was well dressed, looked as if the officer was giving her a hard time. Almost turned around to see if see was alright.

Going South on Hwy 14 going thru Bremond

Bremond, TexasMay 27, 20100 Comments

Bremond is one of the many towns I was passing on my way to College Station. I have never had a speeding ticket in my life. Most of the towns I traveled thru that day went down to 40 mpm, but Bremond went down to 30mph. I know I slowed down to accomodate. From nowhere, it seems that the police came up behind me at a point where the SL was increasing. He was I was going 43 in a 30. Since I never had a ticket before, I opted to do Defensive Driving and it cost me $107 for the fine. How did he know I was going 43 exactly? Officer said he had follewed me for a while. It couldn’t have been long…the town was tiny!! If you have to travel thru, I would start going 30 when it say 40…just to be on the safe side!

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