Caldwell, Texas Speed Traps

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Between Hogg and Caldwell

Caldwell, TexasDec 12, 20120 Comments

Between Hogg and Caldwell, there is challenger cop car as well as other DPS and constables, most of time you will see DOS and challenger cop car sitting or pulling people over left and right, it’s a cop trap if you ask me and the law says it’s safe to drive 75 mph there, but they wait to put up new signs so they can maximize profit. Takes 20 minutes to change all signs to temp ones until New 75 mph signed come in, but they say spring 2013 they will be up, it’s now Dec. 10, 2012.

Highway 21 through town

Caldwell, TexasJun 16, 20110 Comments

Not so much of a speed trap as well patrolled. Officers patrol 21 both directions and will issue citations. I drive the length of 21 through Caldwell several times a week. Police presence is there, but I haven’t really noticed any officers hiding in sneaky spots waiting to pick off offenders. The speed limit drops from 70 to 55 to 45 and finally to 35. They will ticket you if you fly through town, but in 7 years I don’t recall ever seeing an officer sitting next to a decreasing speed sign and rubbing his hands in anticipation.

State Highway 21 near State Highway 36

Caldwell, TexasFeb 21, 20061 Comments

One of the only cities that still uses X-band radar. Don’t worry about slowing down – Caldwell PD targets it’s own citizens and completely avoids out-of-town traffic. Ive seen (on numerous occasions) drivers doing 20-30mph over the posted speed limits.

*Burleson County Sheriff’s deputies keep their radars on but never pull anyone over. Troopers are a different story.

State Highway 6

Caldwell, TexasApr 21, 20020 Comments

Tiny town, sets the city limit AND the speed limit very far down the road, speed limits drop very quickly from 75 to 55, etc., all the way to 35 in pretty short distance. Lots of cops (for the population), particularly on Fridays and Sundays when the college kids are headed out and home. Just don’t speed at ALL.

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