Clear Lake Shores, Texas Speed Traps

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Before 146

Clear Lake Shores, TexasMay 17, 20180 Comments

The school zone flashing light is placed before a strip of businesses before a school. So if you support these Clear Lake Shores businesses and then pull out of the parking lot after 2:45 you are already past the warning light and there is a friendly officer ready to write you a ticket for going the normal speed limit. PLACE THE FLASHING LIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL!!!! No brainer. You are hurting local businesses.

FM 2094 in Kemah. roughly 500 feet before Clear Lake Shores

Clear Lake Shores, TexasApr 24, 20170 Comments

Been working night shift in the area for a while, usually getting off of work and back to camper at Marina Bay around 8AM. Pass a Kemah officer every morning parked deep into a business lot and using radar in the driveway. Most people know he’s there and he usually gives a courteous “slow down” wave to the folks driving above the posted 40 mph.
Well a couple days ago I was making the same trip only this time I’d left work early and was coming into town around 7AM. This area (now i know) is a school zone at that time. I was driving 37 in what I thought was a 40. Clear Lake Shores officer walks out from behind a bush, into the road, and flags me down to pull over. Gave me a ticket for 37 in a 25 (school zone).
I was passed the school and was obviously not driving “too fast” if the officer was able to walk out in front of me to have me pull over. Also, once i left from getting my ticket I then passed the sign saying leaving Kemah and entering Clear Lake Shores.
I’m not one to shy away from responsibilities and I understand the need for traffic control; but given the circumstances and the infamous reputation of this “police department” it seems like you’re better off getting out and walking through the 2 block area that is CLS.

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