Cleburne, Texas Speed Traps

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Keene, Texas

Cleburne, TexasMar 30, 20150 Comments

A cop with a notorious reputation patrols 67 through Keene. The signs are intentionally small and difficult to see because of all the truck traffic. This is Keenes answer to keeping taxes low.

Loop around Cleburne (Hwy 67)

Cleburne, TexasApr 25, 20120 Comments

Speed limit supposedly due to WORK ZONE is 55. Even when there are no workers–no dangerous conditions, no equipment, no work vehicles or workers. Wide open road! Sheriff waiting just over the hill…how old is that one! When I called the office for info on cost of ticket, the receptionist kept telling me it wasn’t in the system. I asked her to make a note that I had called and she refused, said the office was so messy it would get lost (I kid you not!) This whole experience has been out of the twilight zone. I called every weekday(!) It wasn’t until the day before the citation was due that she gave me the cost! Said that was normal it takes time to get the info into the system…said she didn’t recognize me as having called every day for the information (I’m sorry! anyone in their right mind would have remembered my calls!…said she takes 300-400 calls a week on citations! Good night, Cleburne doesn’t need industry–it’ll survive quite nicely on ticket income alone.

S At least 10 miles south of Cleburne on Hwy. 67

Cleburne, TexasFeb 10, 20110 Comments

Somewhere out in open country the speed limit drops to 65. I was given a ticket
going down a long hill when I was the only car in sight and DPS was sitting at the bottom waiting. Why does the speed limit drop out in the country?

State Highway 174 near Vauhn Road

Cleburne, TexasFeb 26, 20060 Comments

Speed limit is 55mph. Cops sit on either side of overpass and get you coming over top. They sit all along highway 174 from Joshua to down town Cleburne.

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