Coppell, Texas Speed Traps

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Beltline and Fairway

Coppell, TexasAug 13, 20100 Comments

A motorcycle cop lurks at this intersection, and he will give you a ticket for running a yellow light. As I entered the intersection, the light turned yellow, and there was no time to stop. He gave me a ticket for running a red light. I guess I could have slammed on my brakes, risking someone slamming into the back of me, but I chose to go on through. I now slam on my brakes, possibly causing an accident for fear of getting another very expensive ticket. After my experience, and hearing of many other similar incidents, I do believe the Coppell Police are there more for revenue than our safety.

Riverchase heading west, at Fairway

Coppell, TexasAug 09, 20100 Comments

At stop sign on Riverchase, you cannot see Fairway to your left due to large shrubbery. If you pull up far enough to see whether traffic is oncoming when you stop for the sign, you will be past the white line. A motorcycle cop hides behind the shrubs on Fairway, and he will claim you ran the sign just because you go past the white line before stopping (so you can see oncoming traffic).
He will claim you stopped just because you saw him. He also hides there in a dark older civilian (unmarked) car.

Anywhere in Coppell

Coppell, TexasAug 09, 20101 Comments

My friend in Grapevine informed me that people there allude to our city not as "Coppell" but as "Cop Hell" because it has so many speed traps. Many people to whom I’ve spoken believe it must be a major source of revenue to the city and the police have been instructed to set up speed traps wherever possible. The authorities should know this, since so many tickets must surely originate at the exact same locations.

Sanders Loop (cut through between North and East Belt Line)

Coppell, TexasJun 16, 20100 Comments

Sanders Loop Rd. has nothing on it but the speed limit is 30, and the motorcycle cops pull people over on it almost every day. Watch out.

W Sandy Lake and Denton Tap

Coppell, TexasJun 09, 20100 Comments

There is construction going on and both east bound and west bound Sandy Lake are completely blocked. Detour sign(s) are hard to see. Police are hiding there catching people who drive through parking lot.

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