Eden, Texas Speed Traps

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North of Eden on Hwy 83

Eden, TexasAug 15, 20130 Comments

Unmarked sheriff SUV driving north on 83 did a u turn with lights blazing as i headed south heading towards 87. Young trooper gets out to inform me that I was driving 82 in a 75 zone. duh! i knew it was a shake down for out of town money from a middle aged guy driving a luxury vehicle. He tried to smile and charm me with idle talk. $180 ticket if paid in full online or thru mail. Yeah right. Opted for safety driving course instead which equals $110.00 instead into the local economy. Should have skipped 83 altogether now that I know about the trap. the info statement says $160 fine for any speed from 1 to 5 MPH over the posted limit. It’s not about safety. It’s about draining cash from anybody who is not a local. I didn’t feel too bad as another dude in a honda2000 convertable got busted by a trooper outside of Junction.

Hwy 87 at City Limit

Eden, TexasNov 10, 20103 Comments

City Police sit within about 300 feet away from the speed limit reduction from 70 to 55 MPH. I came in with my cruise control on, didn’t kick it off in time, got my first ever in 35 years of driving speeding ticket. 69 in a 55. They have it down to a fine science. No warnings, no sympanthy. Just money for the city coffers. I think there ought to be a law against a speeding ticket within 100 yds of a change in speed limit. I’ve no use for a jurisdiction that operates that way. Shame on them.

Hwy 87 north between Eden and San Angelo

Eden, TexasMar 27, 20100 Comments

Hwy 87 N between Eden and San Angelo is noted for numerous patrols, both Concho and Tom Green County Sheriffs and TDPS troopers. I have never gone between the two towns without seeing at least one sheriff’s car or state trooper. Many times I have seen three or four. Keep it on 70 mph.

State Highway 83 near State Highway 87

Eden, TexasDec 13, 20060 Comments

North of town speed goes from 45, 50, 55, 60 & 65…….. in a very short distance. You get radar from far distance and who is to say which speed zone you were in?? But do you fight it?? Usually No.

Highway 83 N

Eden, TexasMay 13, 20020 Comments

Just south of the city, the local chapter of the state patrol likes to drive in the opposite direction of the two lane highway and bust anyone driving over the posted 55 MPH limit. I was driving with the flow of traffic at 65 and he decided my little red Acura Integra was too tempting to pass up. I asked about a warning to which he replied “Nope””. My friend who is from San Angelo received two tickets in the same area in a two month period.”

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