Estelline, Texas Speed Traps

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Hwy 287

Estelline, TexasApr 12, 20100 Comments

This has been a speed trap for at least 20 years — AAA listed it as one when I did a road trip back in 1987 (and, yes, did still get a ticket!). The ‘quick change’ speed limit is so sudden, you don’t have a chance of slowing if you wanted to. Driver beware!

Estelline, Texas

Estelline, TexasApr 07, 20101 Comments

Well, yes, Estelline is a speed trap, but it’s one of the more honest speed traps. At least the signs are big and they don’t play any games… straight forward "You were speeding, here’s your ticket." As for the benefit of the doubt, those tractors crossing the road move real slowly and a "kid" headed back to Dallas from Denver is usually pushing eighty when he hits the Red River. At least there’s a bit of a real safety issue here though, so I guess you can’t blame them for popping a few "high-flyers." Still, the step-down speed limit signs do seem a little unreasonable. I noticed a recent newspaper report that says Estelline is one of the top Texas Speed Traps in producing ticket revenue. No shortage of customers. Bottom line; Estelline has a least a few true safety concerns, but they still manipulate the speed limits in order to generate revenue… and that’s wrong.

Either North or South on U.S. Hwy. 287

Estelline, TexasFeb 09, 20100 Comments

Speed limit drops from 70 to 50 within a couple of heartbeats. I was lucky and the
officer cut me loose because of an emergency call. Been through this speed trap
100+ times and almost always seen someone getting a ticket. Keep in down or it
will be an expensive drive through town.

US Highway 287

Estelline, TexasApr 27, 20071 Comments

The speed limit goes from 70 to 50 in less than a mile. You don’t even have time to slow down before they pull you over. When he came to the window and asked for my driver license and proof of insurance, I gave him my license and before I could get out my insuracne card he walked back to his car. When he came back, not only did he give me my ticket but he also gave me a preprinted copy of the 50 MPH Speed Zone Pursuant To The City of Estelline.
This nicely printed form that was kindly updated on 1-10-07 had all the fines and cost of all the the tickets printed on it. The fines range from $170 for 1-9 mph over to $280 for 31-35 mph over. Just remember to slow down before you get to this town because you won’t have time to when you actually see the sign. Also, forget about proof of insurance, that not what they’re looking for.

State Highway 287

Estelline, TexasFeb 04, 20070 Comments

Estelline is a very small town, just a few blocks long. I always slow down when I see a town, however, when approaching the town of Estelline the speed limit drops suddenly from 70 to 50, without warning, and before you notice the town. After receiving a ticket, I paused to inspect a small trailer I was pulling, and the cop stopped another vehicle before I leFort When I returned through the town six days later, the cop had another vehicle stopped.

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