Fort Worth, Texas Speed Traps

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FM1220 outside The Resort at Eagle Mountain Lake

Fort Worth, TexasFeb 13, 20150 Comments

Northbound Morris-Dido road normally goes from 60 to 50 just past Peden road, but then drops again to 45, then again to 30. Southbound also reduced coming into the same 30 mph area. Police sit in front of the Resort usually facing SB waiting as you come up the hill in the 30mph zone.

I-20 west bound as you exit Crowley road

Fort Worth, TexasSep 20, 20140 Comments

The officer catches you as you are exiting the freeway. You must reduce speed to 35 before the end off the off ramp or earlier

I-30 past the overpass into the I-20 to willow park

Fort Worth, TexasJan 28, 20130 Comments

As you hit the down turn of I-30 under the overpasses, you will usually have a police car right in teh emergency lane at the apex of the curve,, if not there be carefull as you hit the merge to I-20 and come up on the land fill and the strip club and its neighbors. Espically at night going west. Is this a "speed trap" by defination,, no, but you better not be stupid either. I have passed cops at 70 in the 65 and they may blink their lights at you. They are looking for the drunks from teh two bars and people hauling butt. just wanted to post this as a warning.


Fort Worth, TexasMar 05, 20120 Comments

Street between Trinity Blvd. and Green Oaks Blvd. Since Gas drillers have entered the scene, this "country-type, undeveloped back road is now a revenue gaining speed trap.

NB I35W Service Road between 820 and Western Center

Fort Worth, TexasFeb 19, 20111 Comments

This is a stretch of service road that has a speed limit of 40 MPH. There is only one sign where the stretch starts at Loop 820 and Beach street. Drivers rounding the bend where the service/access road curves Northbound away from 820 and Northbound along I35W between Fossil Creek Road and Western Center Blvd. are clocked by motor cops sitting in the Fossil Creek Theater parking lot. Once clocked, an officer simply steps into the road in front of the driver and directs him into the parking lot where anywhere from 2 to 5 fellow officers are writing tickets as fast as they can. This trap catches multiple drivers usually during the morning hours and early afternoon at least 3-4 times a week and always involves 2 or more officers hiding behind the bush line along the south end of the theater parking lot. Unless you are looking for them, you will never see them before it is too late. They beat this spot to death for it’s being a terrific revenue generator for the city.

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