Glen Rose, Texas Speed Traps

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US Hwy 67 Bo Gibbs Blvd

Glen Rose, TexasMay 03, 20160 Comments

As you leave Hwy 67, which is 45 mph, and turn onto Bo Gibbs, the speed limit quickly drops to 20 mph for no apparent reason. The street is wide and no school in the area. Watch out. Officer will be waiting, especially on Friday and Sunday when visitors are more likely travelling through the area.

Intersection of Hwy 144 and Hwy67

Glen Rose, TexasMay 10, 20121 Comments

I commute from Cleburne to Glen Rose 5 days a week. For the past few years I have notice the GRPD officer pulling people over around that area on a daily basis. He pulled me over a few days ago. I past the 65mph speed limit sign heading towards Cleburne and accelerated to 60mph and tuned on the cruise. He then pulled me over. I tried explaining to him that I had waited until I past the sign to accelerate to 60 and his response was that he felt that I was "not far enough into the 65mph zone before accelerating". I asked him how he could tell considering he was about .25 of a mile away but got no answer. His attitude was awful. He is definitely set on trapping people. I am ashamed to write this considering that I lived in GR for 20 years and don’t remember it being this bad.

In The City of Glen Rose

Glen Rose, TexasJul 06, 20113 Comments

Looks like they are trying to compete with Granburys speed traps! The little city cop is running away tourist in the city. Try to be a friendly small town and he is pretending to be a big time highway patrol. Do you know his past? WOW! What a joke! Avoid Glen Rose and State Highway 67 at all cost!

all trough town on hwy 67

Glen Rose, TexasApr 04, 20110 Comments

this new city cop will give you a speeding ticket and it will be at least 10 miles over the speed limit whether you were guilty or not and then tells you that you can keep it off your driving record with deferred ajudification which will cost you another 50 bucks. they are a money making city. Beware!

HWY 67 on west city limits

Glen Rose, TexasAug 19, 20100 Comments

Watch out just east of the Paluxy River bridge on HWY 67 heading into town from the west. City Cop (the one and only) sits and waits just beyond a slight curve and rise in road. Speed limit drops from 70 to 55 to 45 in area and he is waiting for you.

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