Grand Saline, Texas Speed Traps

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Hwy 80 & N Waldrip St

Grand Saline, TexasDec 25, 20160 Comments

Decreasing speed limits from 70mph to 50mph eastbound at West city limit. Then speed drops to 40 in less than o.2mile on a downhill grade. Also the trap has an unsigned blind s-curve that has a chord distance of less than 0.1mile.
They also like to hide behind the Sonic Drive Sign and across the street at an abandoned car wash. Easily 100′ from the roadway. Basic Rt angle to road or 45degree angle to traffic. Excellent cosine error defense could apply here.

West end of town

Grand Saline, TexasJul 07, 20150 Comments

Speed jumps from 35 to 40 then to 50 for the balance of Hwy 80 until you hit the 70 mph sign. Cop stopped me for a stupid reason, 4th car in rear of 4 cars, claim radar picked me at the fastest, yet a suv was pulling away from me. I live in the area and Grand Saline is a good old boy town, if you are in the click you don’t get ticketed. Neither does the drunks leaving the VFW at night. Tickets is the only source of income other than Morton Salt. Watch your speed anywhere in Grand Saline!!!!!

Highway 80 Garland Ave from city limit to city Limit

Grand Saline, TexasDec 02, 20101 Comments

Grand Saline patrols hwy 80 at all times of the day and night, I live here and drive a lot but know they are radar happy to fund the Police department. The speed limit drops from 70 MPH coming from the west to 60 MPH then at the city limit 50 MPH then to 40 MPH. Just before you get to the second traffic light downtown it drops to 35 MPH. I really think you must be really speeding to get a ticket in Grand Saline. But be aware, they are on hwy 80 almost 24 hours a day. They know who lives here and if you don’t live here, Don’t speed, have expired inspection stickers or a car with safety violations. Oh, don’t be drunk if you don’t live here.

State highway #17 between Grand Saline and Canton

Grand Saline, TexasDec 01, 20011 Comments

Speed limit recently lowered and signs are non-existent and/or unclear.

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