Gun Barrel City, Texas Speed Traps

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Hwy. 198 south of Main St. to bridge over lake

Gun Barrel City, TexasApr 12, 20100 Comments

Police working in pairs. One car is hidden shooting radar then radios second officer hidden down from that location beside building giving speed clocked and description of speeder’s vehicle headed his way. Radio traffic between officers make it clear that there is a contest going on as to which officer can write the most tickets. Today, one officer was told over radio that he needed four more to tie the leader.

Harbor Point Drive near State Highway 334

Gun Barrel City, TexasMar 28, 20080 Comments

Policemen hide in driveways on Harbor Point Road and wait for unsuspecting motorists. I believe in speed limits, but 35 miles per hour on a major thoroughfare is ridiculous, and from the number of tickets I see written on that road, 90% of the population must agree with me. The regular speed limit on Harbor Point Road is the same as the school zone speed limit on another street, it’s just stupid. Tickets get written in spurts, but once they get started, they write one after another after another after another after another….. Watch out!

US Highway 198 near Main Street

Gun Barrel City, TexasMar 11, 20080 Comments

Late at night the Gun Barrel City Police Dept. is out stopping motorists out late at night and they will even make you get out of your vehicle (if you have long hair and look like a druggie) and they will search you and your vehicle. This has been going on for a long time. This Police Dept. is giving out way too many tickets.

State Highway 334 aka main street near FM 198

Gun Barrel City, TexasAug 21, 20050 Comments

This town’s police will stop you and check you out for any reason. Even for a little license plate light out.They cruise up and down main street aka 334 with instant on radar. I heard they are getting lidar too. The state police will come down on holiday weekends and help out with the trap.

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