Hidalgo, Texas Speed Traps

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Spur 115 (from International Blvd to the bridge to Mexico)

Hidalgo, TexasJan 11, 20190 Comments

The City of Hidalgo Police Department frequently has heavy patrol presence along this road, frequently stopping motorists (both north-bound towards McAllen and south-bound towards Mexico) along Spur 115. They will stop drivers for even the most trivial speeding violations. They are very quick to write speeding citations. It is believed that the city encourages as many citations as possible due to the city’s financial problems.
WARNING: The city police have ties to federal law enforcement, including US Border Patrol. They will send federal officers after you if you get stopped on this road. A word of advice, turn around and go home after getting stopped. Do not attempt to cross to Mexico, as you will likely be forcibly detained by federal officers for several hours and have all of your personal belongings and vehicle ransacked.
Additionally, many of these city police officers have limited proficiency in the English language, and might become aggressive with you if you do not speak Spanish. This is especially true if you are not Hispanic, as this department has a record of racial profiling Caucasian and African-Americans. While there have been some improvements in this department over the past few years, there are still several bad apples at this department.

23rd/International Street near Bridge Street

Hidalgo, TexasMar 05, 20080 Comments

This speed trap is located at the intersection of Bridge Street and 23rd/International Street. 23rd street is the street that exits out of the U.S. and into Mexico (via toll booths). Almost always, 9 times out of 10, there is a unit parked at the median of the left turn lane facing against traffic. If you are going too fast, you might hit the unit head-on. There is thick brush on the median right before the turning lane so the unit is hard to see. Furthermore, the speed is reduced dramatically from 45 mph to 30 mph in less than 50 yards. So there is not enough time to slow down. Also, the unit seems to usually target the Federal Law Enforcement Agents at the Port of Entry. So, while the uninsured motorists from Mexico are speeding by, local officials are handing out tickets to federal agents like candy. Be weary.

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