Huntington, Texas Speed Traps

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Maple @ Main

Huntington, TexasOct 21, 20150 Comments

The entire city of Huntington is a speed trap, but someone just got a ticket traveling on Maple St. towards Main. The roads in Huntington are riddled with huge front end destroying pot holes and hazards. We can not figure out what this city is spending all of it’s ticket revenue on.

South of Huntington on Hwy 69

Huntington, TexasOct 07, 20130 Comments

The 55mph zone is extended for miles southbound after you have left town. There is nothing but highway. The highway looks the same as the 70mph highway going into town. You are so far out of town, one just naturally assumes the speed limit is 70 again. Cop is perched up on a little rise where he can clock you from long distance. I used to stop for gas and a snack. Huntington people will never see another dime of my money.

Hwy 69 South of Huntington

Huntington, TexasJan 25, 20130 Comments

Speed limit is 55 mph. The four lane becomes two with very little notice. The normal tendacy when traffic is to the drivers left is to speed up to merge into the left lane. The cops know this and sit just off the road after dark and issue tickets to anyone who follows this normal tendacy.

Off 1669, down 2109

Huntington, TexasApr 18, 20100 Comments

Coming from the lake into town, there is a 45 mph sign that is placed so that you don’t really notice it. The new rookie lady cop sits in the yard of someone at the top of the hill and if you miss the sign, you will get caught speeding. I got a ticket (third in my life and I am 63) coming to Lufkin from my Dad’s 91st birthday. She said I was doing 58, but I had just stopped for a school bus , and I was not going 58, maybe 50. Got the ticket, and it cost me $136. I will drive 10 mph going through Huntington…it is worse than Splendora, Texas. Eventually, Huntington will get hit by the State like Splendora and this quota of theirs will come to a quick end.

US Highway 69

Huntington, TexasJul 29, 20090 Comments

I drive through Huntington many times a year to visit family in Louisiana. Huntington was always a place where I’d get out, stretch my legs, grab a bite to eat, and fill up the tank. I would patronize the businesses in this small town, to and fro, since it’s located approximately halfway on a regular journey… but no more. I no longer stop. I monitor my speed like a hawk, ensuring I’m 5 mph under the posted limit. I don’t look at anything other than the pathway Out of town, the speed limit signs, and my speedometer.

I have passed through Huntington 4 times since my ticket which I received 2 months ago, and I will never spend another dime there — nor will I ever receive another ticket there.

On the south side of town, Hwy 69, southbound side of the road. The speed limit is 55, but [he, young rookie] sits between a truck and a building near a t-intersection. This is about 500 yards before the speed limit changes to 65 mph. By the time you notice [him] and see that you’re mistakenly driving the perceived speed limit of 65 since you’re well out of town, you may as well pull over because you’ve just gotten a ticket for 65 in a 55. The irony is, when you pull over (immediately after noticing you’ve been clocked and targeted) you’re on the shoulder in a 65 mph zone. This is a bona fide speed trap — and one of the worst ways I’ve ever seen for a small town to make money — and lose mine.

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