Lubbock, Texas Speed Traps

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Anywhere on the Tech campus, but primarily by Chitwood/ Weymouth/ Coleman

Lubbock, TexasJan 30, 20030 Comments

If you’re driving on campus at night, you’ll probably notice from time to time that there is a cop hiding out by the rec fields at the traffic light or in the right turn lane onto 19th by Chitwood/ Weymouth/ Coleman. Whereas they are probably trying to catch drunk drivers, I think they should stick to that and quit pursuing people going 25 mph when there are no people out. Also, in the 30 mph stretch of flint by Stangel/Murdough, Carpenter/Wells, and Gaston, there is often a cop driving by so make sure you stick to 30. But during the day, don’t speed; there’s too many pedestrians on the roads. Also, has anyone noticed that officer hiding by the flashing red light near the stadium (that in my opinion, should be a curve for the main flow of traffic and a stop sign for people coming out of the parking lot)? He gets quite a laugh out of writing tickets for people who don’t make a complete stop at the light when following the curve. And he even told me that he sat out there all night writing ticket after ticket for people who don’t stop completely. I mean, come on…there are much bigger problem areas on campus than that! i.e., vandalism in residence hall parking lots.

Erskin eastbound from inler to loop 289

Lubbock, TexasNov 13, 20020 Comments

if your coming from inler, headed east toward loop 289 on erskin, there is no posted speed limit until you get to the access road to the loop. on frankford theres some sort of police hang out theres always like 5 cars over there. and always one on the way there if they catch you going 70 anywhere in this area you get a ticket for 70 in a 55 even though its not posted ANYWHERE! When asked where its posted the cop will tell you both ends but dont believe him contest it. The last sign you actually cld have seen was on inler saying 70mph.

Indiana between 34th and 50th…sometimes down to 289

Lubbock, TexasAug 02, 20021 Comments

Cops abound in this stretch of road. Speed limit is at least 5 mph below what it should legally be and 10 below what I think it should be. Motorcycle cops hide in the alleys and cruisers randomly pop out of the side streets.

South Loop 289 from Spur 327 to I-27

Lubbock, TexasAug 01, 20020 Comments

Although speed enforcement in this stretch of road is constant at all hours of he day, the wolves come out to hunt down the prey in the morning. There are usually 3 motorcycle cops on duty every morning. Usually, you will see one near the Brownfield Highway, which may give you a false sense of security. But as you continue, and the traffic picks up just past slide, you’ll have to watch out as you go up an overpass. Just on the other side of the overpass are two motorcycle cops hidden from view until you pass the crest of the overpass. By then, they’ve already clocked you, and you will be pulled over a short time later.

Clovis Rd. (Between University and Ave. U)

Lubbock, TexasDec 01, 20010 Comments

When coming from the west as soon as you hit University on Clovis Rd. the speed limit changes from 55 to 35. But the road certainly does not change appearance one bit. You are traveling east and the sun is usually in your eyes in the morning so you cant see up the road much to notice the 35 mph speed limit signs or the hidden police. THIS IS A MAJOR SPEED TRAP!!!!! The police know this and they use it to their advantage especially on sunny mornings!! SO BEWARE!!!! Almost everyone in this area is speeding so they can just pick out the worst looking cars and hopefully get them on no insurance too. Its a big scam.. Lubbock Police prey on people way too much. I purposely travel about 10 mph on this road on my way to work and wave as I pass them.

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