Mart, Texas Speed Traps

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On the main st

Mart, TexasApr 12, 20190 Comments

Before you enter the city, the speed limit is 60 mph, and there ae traps located at the transition area when the speed dramatically drops to 40 mph.

Hwy 164, Texas Ave

Mart, TexasMay 24, 20180 Comments

Speed limit is 70, then immediately drops to 40 mph, then 30 mph. Cops lurk & watch to see if you can actually bring your speed down from 40 to 30 in a millisecond. Then they grab you. Minimally, it is 10 mph over — which is a $247 for 8-14 mph over, $202 for 1-7 mph over.

Then it stays @ 30 to the Dollar General as you exit town, where you are watched like a hawk. Very sneaky, covert place, grabbing for the tiniest infraction. I have seen it happen when others were driving too. They were lucking for that 1 mph over — in a school zone — and that adds $25 to your tab.

Great little place if you wanna lose $$ playing their covert game. Heinous place. Avoid at all costs. There are alternate routes, though they take a bit longer, but it is well worth it in the long run & can get to Waco w/o this nightmare.

HWY 164 Mart, Texas McLennan County

Mart, TexasJul 05, 20170 Comments

The Mart Mountie stopped us going 33–34 and claimed we were “speeding” at 45. No way. On the west side of town, having left a stop light a few blocks back and our “older” driver infamous for poking along. I have seen an 18-wheeler stopped in front of the DQ and doubt that he was “speeding” in the middle of town. Some other supposed infraction perhaps. The only vehicle I have actually seen speeding there in the past year of making trips through there was the yellow 18-wheeler that passed me on the west end of town just after the officer pulled us over. He got a look from the officer, who knew that a speeding vehicle had actually passed the position. Yes, it’s a speed trap, and the excuse for it—safety in town—doesn’t hold as much water as the obvious convenience of parking at an open spot on the west-bound side of the road just before the speed moves up to 45 as motorists leave town. Out there on the west side, law enforcement is NOT keeping people from “speeding through town”—obviously—and not preventing safety hazards thereby. At that point, those drivers are LEAVING town, and all motorists traveling INTO town on the other side of the road have spotted the Mountie and can “speed” through town at will. What for? You want people not to “speed through town,” try giving them the heads up as they come in, boys and girls, on the two ends of the town.

Hwy 164

Mart, TexasOct 04, 20110 Comments

The new Officer in town will stop you and tell your license plates lights are out when they are actually fine and working properly. I have also noticed this new officer is right out of school and can’t be over 21 years of age. I have seen him stop people including trucks that I know were not speeding or had done anything else wrong. I did not receive a ticket but I thought this is becoming a problem again in this town.

Hwy 164 (Where the Speed Changes)

Mart, TexasJan 08, 20100 Comments

This is the only town I have seen ongoing drug sales throughout the day and night across the street from a police cruiser. Easier money in traffic tickets. The speed goes from 70 down to 40 through town. I usually saw people get targeted around the car wash or just outside of town.

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