Pasadena, Texas Speed Traps

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Pasadena, TexasOct 08, 20141 Comments

This speed trap is one that so many people get pulled over at! It is because the speed limit goes from 45 to 35 after you pass center point ! There is always three motorcycle cops sitting in a apartment parking lot waiting to bust you!

1400 Allen-Genoa Rd. – Northbound @ Pecan street

Pasadena, TexasJun 16, 20140 Comments

Police park out of sight on Pecan St. and hide behind large arborvitae bushes and utility pole on foot then step out into north bound traffic on Allen-Genoa to catch their prey.

Eastbound on Alameda/Genoa approaching Red Bluff

Pasadena, TexasJul 10, 20130 Comments

There have been as many as four patrol cars sitting in wait on a side road with an officer standing behind a pole, just before the new bridge, shooting violators with a radar gun. This is a four lane, divided, fenced highway with no buidings on either side of the road, with a 45 MPH speed limit. Just drive slowly at all times in this area.

East Bound on Fairmont Parkway and Red Bluff

Pasadena, TexasApr 12, 20120 Comments

Motor cycle cop sitting in front of the Pasadena Fairgrounds in a 45mph zone just before the 55mph zone. He sits on the right hand side in the entrance at the stop light.

Exit Richey off of highway 225 east

Pasadena, TexasSep 14, 20110 Comments

The officer is not visible so you will never see him. There is a short distance to turn right onto Richey. The officer said he clocked me going 50 in a 40 coming off the freeway onto the feeder. He also said that he knew I was slowing down but he practically had the ticket already filled out before I was pulled over. Like I said I never saw him until I waited through the traffic light and turned right onto Richey. The officer came speeding out of the parking lot behind a motel. I had no idea what was about to happen.

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