Plano, Texas Speed Traps

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Marsh lane and columbine

Plano, TexasOct 28, 20140 Comments

Officer sets up before the 30 speed limit sign at Columbine Way.
Only other sign indicating limit is at Plano Pkwy and Marsh intersection.
Easy to coast over speed limit as the terrain is downhill.

Lorimar Drive between Ohio and Preston Meadow

Plano, TexasJun 01, 20140 Comments

The cop hides on Buttercup Lane nearly daily. There’s a school zone close, and the speed limit is 30 mph compared to 35 mph on Ohio and Preston Meadow. The speed limit signs are somewhat hidden by trees and unless the driver is looking for them, they’re obscured until you’re right on top of them. I’ve lived her 13 years and always assumed the speed limit was 35 (four lanes/four way stops just like Ohio and Preston Meadow. Didn’t matter for me… I was traveling well over 35, too. Only my second speeding ticket ever, and I must have been daydreaming or something.

15th Street and Independence Parkway

Plano, TexasMay 31, 20132 Comments

From Hwy 121 to Hwy 190 the speed limit is 40 mph or 45 mph along with cross roads which have 0 mph or 45 mph. All roads are 6 lane divided roadways. However, from Park Blvd to Plano Pkwy the speed limit is 30 mph. This speed limit is two miles long and worked heavily. Parking lots are the favorite spots to wait and watch for more money for Plano.

Ohio & Headquarters

Plano, TexasJun 09, 20120 Comments

Speed limit on Ohio is 35. Cop will either be in his car in the median or will be parked in the neighbor hood and standing over the hill with a speed gun. I drive this to work everyday and people are always being pulled over. Very tricky spot. Good luck!

E. Parker Road between P Ave and N Ave

Plano, TexasAug 03, 20110 Comments

Speed limit changes quickly there. In fact, my ticket says posted speed limit says 30 MPH but I have seen the sign that states 35 MPH. Officer said I was 13 miles over the speed limit (going alleged speed of 48) but my ticket says 18 miles over. Anyway, while I was receiving my ticket (motorcycle cop) unmarked police car pulled someone over in the same spot. This was on 8/2/11. Good luck!!

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