Rosebud, Texas Speed Traps

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877 US-77, Rosebud, TX 76570

Rosebud, TexasJul 23, 20190 Comments

Sheriff parked in a parking lot facing north. Speed drops from 70 mph to 60 mph, to 50 mph, to 45 mph in a third of a mile.

Rosebud Texas

Rosebud, TexasAug 14, 20160 Comments

This one was the dirtiest I’ve seen. I was ticketed on the south edge of Rosebud. I had literally cracked a can of soda as I passed the cop. When I saw the lights I figured he had thought I was cracking a beer. When I pulled over I was informed I was going 42 in a 30. I couldn’t believe it. After receiving the ticket I went back to even see if I could get my truck up to speed that quickly. Turns out I could, and I should. The cop was positioned a block and a half south of the 45 mph sign and put his position on the ticket as a block north of it. I was clocked going 42 in a 45 and got a $200 ticket out of it. Now that is a speed trap.

South on 77

Rosebud, TexasFeb 04, 20160 Comments

I was driving south on 77 and the speed limit varies from 70 to 60 down to 45 when you are going through “towns”. Noting all the changes I made sure to watch out for signs on my trip down 77. Apparently Rosebud goes a step further and drops from 45 to 30 and the cop hides at the 30 sign and pulls you over. Total speed trap. Tickets start at $200 in a town where the average income is $26K. As soon as he was done with me he did the same thing on the other side of town. I thought about going to court but can’t imagine it will work in my favor.

Rosebud, 77 North

Rosebud, TexasDec 30, 20150 Comments

Just wanted to give an affirmation that Rosebud, indeed, is entirely a cash cow against drivers. Part of a moving caravan of 4 vehicles and a seasoned driver, well aware of the small town pursuits for cash. I went through town making sure I was under the speed limits. In a U-Haul truck, I didn’t interest them. Our last driver caught their attention and got the worst and rudest shakedown! Of course, 3 “alleged” infractions were given, in addition to speeding, totaling over $1000. Was not speeding as he was behind me nor behaving badly. We are fighting this scam. Horrid little place and never intend to go there again. Nor will I spend one penny there.

South of Town

Rosebud, TexasJun 15, 20153 Comments

Was driving north through Rosebud as I have done a hundred time knowing not to speed as is a known speed trap. I was in the rear of a long line of cars crawling behind a uhaul truck. After passing through the 4 way stop, as headed for the open road suddenly flashing lights appear from way back around bend. I pull over to let him by but he pulls up behind and tickets me for 44 in a 30, on the complete other side of town. In no way could I have been speeding. Not only is it a speed trap, but home to a crooked cop. We’ll see what happens when I show up to court.

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