San Antonio, Texas Speed Traps

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Shaenfield Road, Between 1604 and FM 1560

San Antonio, TexasJan 04, 20130 Comments

They just lowered this speed limit to 40 and widened the road. It was 45 mph, so lots of folks are getting pulled over. This in Bexar County. Drive it at 35 mph since the radar may be off.

I-35 northbound frontage road Selma TX

San Antonio, TexasDec 16, 20120 Comments

Was financially destroyed by a cop from selma tonight. No mercy whatsoever.
I drive like a grandpa and the one time I accelerated to pass another grandpa driver, I get nailed. 59 in a 45. For me, what’s done is done. But remember,….if you ever have to drive through that town, don’t. They literally get a charge out of crucifying, and just downright exploiting you. That town is basically in san antonio, but the SAPD, and the Bexar County Sherrif’s Department….stand up folks. They may write you a pricey ticket, but they are extremely nice people. I support them wholeheartedly…I am very grateful for the thankless job that they do. They have forgotten the cardinal element of being an officer of the law… are first, and foremost, a servant of the very people who pay your paycheck!!

410S between Ingram and 151

San Antonio, TexasNov 09, 20120 Comments

There is an officer, with radar on a tripod, standing on right hand side of road in the grass in front of Babies R Us – in an unmarked Mustangs (one gray/one black) on right side, as well as a black Tahoe, and marked patrol cars pulling folks over. Had no less than 5 cars pulled over during lunch on 9 Nov 2012.

Huebner Road between Blanco Road & Stone Oak Parkway

San Antonio, TexasOct 11, 20120 Comments

An SAPD motorcycle unit lit up after an unknown vehicle during the tail end of rush hour. This road is set at a 40 mph speed limit, which isn’t inappropriate, but is on the slow side & most cars do closer to 50 mph, which I find to be reasonable.

I suppose someone complained that cars are driving "too fast" (when in reality they are driving at an appropriate rate for the design & condition of the road) and they got some motorcycle units to "check it out" and harass.

Seaworld and Military Drive

San Antonio, TexasSep 20, 20120 Comments

Just as you crest the hill of Military Drive heading West towards the employee’s entrance of Seaworld and 1604 and Military Drive, Bexar County Sheriffs like to sit in the center median near the entrance of the college park and ride, just at the corner where it is difficult to see them. Their vehicles are usually white SUVs (marked) but sometimes sedans and there can be motorcycle BCSO in the area. They park facing uphill. Speed limit is 35mph. There is a stop sign at the top of the hill. People generally accelerate away from the Stop sign and then the hill will easily take them unintentionally to 45 or more MPH and they will pull you over into the employee entrance of Seaworld. They do not (hardly ever) set up anywhere else on this end of town (in SAPD) territory and only do so for revenue. They have also been napping in their patrol vehicles nearby until the lunch or 4.30-6PM RUSH! If you see this, VIDEO TAPE IT and send it to the news and the Sheriff internal affairs!!! If the BCSO patrols are rude, immediately go to the BCSO web site and file a complaint to any high ranking person (or internal affairs) and they will get with you immediately. Do not let young bully BCSO officers tell you to shut up or any other unprofessional conduct- EVER esp if you are polite and respectful yourself. After I filed a complaint, I did not see them for weeks but now they are back, collecting revenue but they do nothing about failure to yield at 1604/Military or Potranco/1604 or Panhandling at 1604/Potranco or police presence in my neighborhood to reduce crime so all they want with these tickets is REVENUE! DO NOT SUPPORT BCSO and be careful in this spot and help pass the word (make this go viral- paste into your FB, twitter, send to new4, etc) and get the revenue collectors out of my community.

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