Southlake, Texas Speed Traps

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Kimball North of Southlake Blvd.

Southlake, TexasMar 29, 20101 Comments

Speed of 20 during school as well as cell phone usage is closely monitored. Mortorcycle cops with cruisers monitor both North and South bound traffic. They hide in driveways and near church south of Crooked Lane.

Randol Mill Rd North of Florence

Southlake, TexasMar 11, 20100 Comments

Southlake Police often sit in small gas station located on Randol Mill waiting to pounce on anyone going over 5 over on this posted 30 mph road. There are fences and hills hiding the view of the police car so slow down when approaching this gas station. I got a ticket for doing 40, which everyone does, and there was no disucssion. Clearly a speed trap and I see the police there several times a week. Careful!

N. Carroll Avenue

Southlake, TexasAug 12, 20090 Comments

South bound N. Carroll Ave. traffic, Motorcycle police often parked in 1 of 2 parking lots on west side across from the police station clocking south bound traffic. 30mph, better watch it!

N Carroll Ave & Lakewood Dr

Southlake, TexasAug 12, 20090 Comments

Watch your speed around Caroll Ave and 114. Speed trap. Was from out of town and lost when I got a ticket on 11-30-08 around 10:30 PM. The officer said I was going 15 miles over the posted limit. I was only going 40. The limit is 30 miles and I did not notice the speed limit. The officer was hiding in a business complex. An apparent and, from what I just found out, a profitable speed trap. He did not give a warning but instead wrote me a lovely ticket to start off my holiday season.

Continental Avenue near Byron Nelson Avenue

Southlake, TexasMar 02, 20080 Comments

City has low speed limit to encourage people to speed so they can give tickets.

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