Temple, Texas Speed Traps

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All over the city and by VA Hospital

Temple, TexasFeb 25, 20120 Comments

City of Temple on West Adams by the 7-11 they have traps set up with MC cops who a round military payday day seem to be after any vehicle with any type of military sticker on it they ticket you with speeds of 12 to 15 miles over the speed limit, the rest of the time they hang out by the VA Medical center.

1700 SW HK Dodgen Loop

Temple, TexasJul 14, 20110 Comments

From a traffic light, or turn, as you approach the access to enter onto the main highway which has you going over 4 lanes of traffic uphill, a traffic cop is sitting at the MCALLISTER sandwich shop, and is clocking you. Speed limit is 45 .

Loop, top of hill just prior to I-35 Interchange

Temple, TexasFeb 20, 20111 Comments

2 MC Cops sit there with their hand held laser speed detectors. My laser detector went off, I looked down, my speedO said 59 a truck passed me faster. He pulled me over for 69, I asked what about the truck that passed me, he said he was not speeding! I would like to read in the paper, semi hits 2 mc cops who were standing on the shoulder.

31st Street overpass just after stoplight on Ave. H

Temple, TexasDec 20, 20101 Comments

The speed on 21st street is 45 until you get to the overpass just after the light at Ave. H. At the bottom of the hill it drops to 30. As most people know a car moving down an incline will pick up speed without using the gas pedal. Make sure to use the break all the way down the hill and don’t go over 30mph. I have had several family get tickets at the bottom of the hill for going over 30mph on the down hill side of the overpass. Watch Out !!!

190 west of the V.A. hospital, and at the bottom of any hill

Temple, TexasOct 25, 20100 Comments

The police like to wait at the bottom of any hill to catch anyone slipping over the speed limit. When the construction was still going on at 190 near the VA hospital, the police were even waiting 2 at a time to catch anyone not riding the brakes to keep from going over the speed limit. It’s not like someone leaving the VA hospital needs that kind of treatment.
They are especially worse at the end of the month.

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