Kanab, Utah Speed Traps

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Just south of Kanab, Utah on Hwy 89

Kanab, UtahNov 29, 20130 Comments

I was heading north on Hwy. 89 about 5 miles south of Kanab, Utah heading into town. I was doing 73 (cruise control) in a 65 speed limit zone. I noticed a police car going in the opposite direction. I reset the cruise control down to 70. Sure enough, several minutes later, I was being pulled over, the officer claimed, for doing 77 and then 76 on his radar detector. I explained to him that his radar/laser detector was not calibrated correctly because my rented 2013 car’s cruise control lined up precisely with the speed indicators on the side of the road in several locations on our vacation. He claimed 70 was still speeding. These Utah cops WILL give you a ticket, (sadly enough) for doing 5 MPH over the speed limit. As a matter of fact HWY. 89 from the Arizona/ Utah border all the way north up to Panguitch (near Bryce Canyon) and Circleville and further north of that is ONE BIG SPEED TRAP that PREYS on Tourists driving as little as 5 MPH over the speed limit. I think there should be a National Cop Hall of Fame (or Shame) erected in this area. I don’t think these officers know a damn thing about fighting real crime, but they sure know how to harrass the heck out of tourists and make alot of money in the process!

US 89 into Kanab

Kanab, UtahMar 03, 20110 Comments

I live 70 miles from this town and police with radar are usually parked on all three possible entrances and exits of this town. A few blocks out of town there is nothing around the highway, and the tendency is to speed up, they know this and exploit it. It’s a tourist town with mostly out of state and country drivers headed to one of the nearby National Parks. What a way to welcome tourist dollars, straight to the city coffers.

US Highway 89 near US Highway 11

Kanab, UtahJul 14, 20081 Comments

Seems like a sheriff’s car was parked next to the park 24hr all 3-days we were there in mid June, 2008.


US 89A

Kanab, UtahFeb 15, 20031 Comments

Drive past downtown Kanab on US 89A toward the Arizona border and you’ll quickly find yourself in a rural area. However, despite the lack of anything near the highway the speed limit remains the city speed of 35, and it is not adequately posted. I assumed that once clear of the city I could safely accelerate to highway speeds – I found myself doing 54 when I got tagged; so much for assumptions, and for small Utah towns whose main requirement is revenue.

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