Salt Lake City, Utah Speed Traps

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Virginia street going south from 11th ave downhill trap

Salt Lake City, UtahJul 28, 20140 Comments

Slope of 40 degrees 3blocks before stop sign with 25 mph limit they get you going 35-38 and the speed limit sign right where the car accelerates. Total trap, police officer on other side of the road usually motorcycle and stops you 100 yard before stop sign and takes your speed just before you start slowing down passing the speed limit sign.

On 11th av. between Terrace Hills Dr., and the Salt Lake Mas

Salt Lake City, UtahJul 09, 20140 Comments

It is located on 11th Av between Terrace Hills Dr. and the Salt Lake Masoleum.

2100 South between 21st East and 1300 East

Salt Lake City, UtahMar 10, 20140 Comments

Cops on motorcycles as whether permits hide in side streets on the southe side of 2100 south, which is a four lane road that comes off a mountains as a 40 MPH road and it shifts down to 30 MPH. You can literally roll down this street faster than 30 if you are going westbound. Coming uphill, eastbound, the cops hide in a pullout just west of the Highland High rugby and soccer pitch. They will stop anyone going 35 MPH or above. It’s a gold mine for tickets.

900 south and 10th east

Salt Lake City, UtahJul 30, 20131 Comments

Cop stands under trees on the north side of the street with a hand-held laser radar gun. He parks his motorcycle on the sidewalk! Speed limit is 25 mph but since he is at the bottom of a hill, you cam easily coast up to 30 mph. I had the privilege of paying a $90 ticket for going 5 over the limit. They are not there every day… more like two or three times a month.

1000 South State Street

Salt Lake City, UtahFeb 22, 20130 Comments

State Street is the MAIN street through Salt Lake City, They now have it down to 30 mph !! I got a ticket from a motorcycle cop in this area. He tell you he will have you on your way really quick, so you think its just a warning, then he hits you with a citation. This was my first speeding ticket in over 30 years.

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