Bland, Virginia Speed Traps

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Bland, VirginiaAug 30, 20112 Comments

This is sort of similar to previous post listed on this page. Around 8:15pm, I’m cruising in the the tunnel at @ 65-70 mph, I suddenly see myself beside a 18 wheeler and another one rapidly approaching my rear. I accelerate only to see a patrol car parked at the exit. It immediately goes blue and white. I merge into right lane to allow that monster truck pass and realized I am being pulled over. To make a long story short,(name deleted) who immediately ask “are you from this area”? After replying “no” she tells me I am being ticketed for going 80mph in a 70mph zone (seriously??). I didn’t dispute her claim (I would rather pay the ticket than get crushed by a truck). Anyway the following week I received all kinds of letters from lawyers offering their services. I’m talking 6 letters so far!! Unbelievable!!! So there you have it….it’s like clockwork. This is a revenue generator for that county and the bonus is giving even more to the lawyers. Gotta love it.

77 South – Bland County

Bland, VirginiaMay 22, 20110 Comments

Shortly after the Big Walker tunnel on a downhill stretch of 77 South. Could see police cruiser sitting on right berm of the highway probably a quarter of a mile ahead of me. Cruiser had lights on and waiting for me before I even came up on him. Actually unsure whether he was pulling me over or just attempting to get back on to the roadway. Decided I had better stop even though he hung back and never really pulled up behind me. Once I started pulling over he came up at a high rate of speed and questioned me as to why it took me so long to pull over. Never indicated how he clocked my speed. On return trip approximately 12 days later heading north on 77 near Galax and again in Bland county saw 5 police cars picking motorists off left and right. One cruiser actually was heading south and flip flopped in median to grab a northbound vehicle. Unsure how he could possibly have clocked that driver either. Big brother most definitely is watching from afar. No question is a huge speed trap! Beware.

Interstate 77 near Bland Country & Wythe County

Bland, VirginiaMay 02, 20070 Comments

County Deputys patrolling Interstate Radaring on downhill sections where it is hard to keep speed down.Just google general district courts and see the number of tickets being issued mostly to out of state motorists

Interstate 77

Bland, VirginiaJun 16, 20050 Comments

This is a bad one, a true money making scheme! This was in Virginia, a state that for some reason makes motorsists suffer w/o their radar detectors. On rural I-77, you’ll encounter the Big Walker tunnels. The speed reduces to 55 for the tunnells. Directly on the outside of these tubes, a cop in a maroon colored Crown Vic was waiting. The tunnels quickly transition into a hill, so the cops have a very tricky hiding place.

interstate 77 north after exiting the big walker mountain tunnel

Bland, VirginiaJun 15, 20020 Comments

after coming out of the big walker mountain tunnel cops sit around the curve. probley one of the biggest speed traps in va. i have seen cops lined up behind each other so when one pulls out the other one can step right in to take his place

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