Cape Charles, Virginia Speed Traps

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Stone Rd-Randolph Ave off SR-13 entering/leaving town

Cape Charles, VirginiaJul 13, 20100 Comments

On our way home from vacation my family and I decided to take a detour to visit the town of Cape Charles VA; it was around lunch time so we figured why not stop in and grab something to eat. Please be careful. When you get off of SR-13 and onto the two-lane Stone Rd(184)/Randolph Ave the speed limit goes from 55 to 40 then to 25 as you hit town. An unmarked car was waiting for me a couple of hundred yards after the 25mph speed limit sign. After getting a ticket we went ahead and drove thru town but our appetites were pretty much gone so we turned around and left. The unmarked car was in its same spot, but then a strange thing happened as we left town…we kept our speed at 40mph not wanting to chance anything even though we just drove past the 55mph speed limit sign. Suddenly I noticed the unmarked car in my sideview mirror and it zoomed past me (and the other cars that were behind me) in a hurry. It then swerved into the shoulder and came to a quick stop just ahead of me right before we got to SR-13. Hmmm was I being paranoid to think he was trying to get me as I left as well? Was I glad to get back onto SR-13. And I still kept looking in my rear view mirror for a good mile.

State Route 13

Cape Charles, VirginiaOct 27, 20040 Comments

There I was doing the posted 55 MPH limit and I get pulled over. WHY? My tint is illegal in the state of VA! Yes the tint is custom on my 2000 GrandPrix 3800 GTP, black on black 4 door sedan. When I had it put on at the car dealership I have papers stating it IS LEGAL in ALL 50 states! He put his meter on my front window and told me I was 40% and legal is 20%. Like I know what is legal??! All I know is that my tint is legal in MY state which is Florida. Him and his partner came to my car with their hands on their guns. Nice way to greet me, age 53 and my husband age 78 huh?! YES I have a somewhat questionable looking car…but your never too old to own what YOU want. He even had the nerve to ask me where I was from! You mean to tell me he didn’t check out my license plate before stopping me? Not a good move officer! He then asked me where I was going, I told him home. He asked me if my visit to CT was pleasure or business. I told him I had just come from burying my parents! With that note he let me go. God knows what he would have done. Only an hour to the border and we had to endure this crap. We also stopped at Stingray’s in the Exxon gas station for lunch. A must do while in Cape Charles. Low and behold in walk no less than 9 troopers. Believe me I did NOT speed on 58 west thru Emporia to I-95!

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