Emporia, Virginia Speed Traps

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Heading East on 58 towards I-95

Emporia, VirginiaAug 11, 20140 Comments

Unfortunate targeting of out of state motorists.

Heading East on 58 about 1 mile before I95 intersection. Speed limit drops from 60 to 45. Yellow signs with upcoming speed drop are placed appropriately. But I’d recommend being well below the speed limit.

I was pulled over in the zone where the speed limit drops from 60 to 45. That being said, the actual speed limit sign showing 45mph was about 150 yards in front of me when I was pulled over. Literally, i was pulled over and the 45mph sign was 150 yards in front of me. About 100 yards behind me were the yellow signs indicating a speed drop.

I handed my license and first question was if I resided out of state at the address on my license, appx 4 hours away. I said yes. Next thing I get is i was going 61 in a 45. But I was catching a break that day and would only get a lesser penalty.

He knew I wasn’t from there, he knew I had my kids and wanted to keep going, he knew he had nothing on me, he knows there is no way I am driving 4 hours each way to fight an unwarranted ticket. So you know what? I’m paying the ticket. They win.


At mile Marker 3.3…by the Rest Stop in VA N and S

Emporia, VirginiaJul 06, 20140 Comments

They set up 2 vehicles, one before the rest stop with lights on and everyone in the right Lane slows down so no one in the left can possibly get over to stop, so they set their sights on the next stop, reset cruise control, and get targeted by the next guy stopped with lights on right after the rest stop. They then choose their victim, and yes, I feel like a victim. They chase you down and snoop in your car with their hand on their weapon, and then declare: I clocked you 82 in a 70, to which. I replied, I was in a lane of traffic and we were all going the same speed limit, which was 77, after a long holiday weekend, July 6th. I said, why did you choose me? He said: drivers license.

US 58 & Davis St. Emporia

Emporia, VirginiaMay 25, 20140 Comments

I was pulledover for doing a 71 in 60 coming from Suffolk going towards I95S. The cop was making a U turn on US 58 & Davis St. Emporia. I am 100% sure that I wasnt doing 71, but about 65-68. The cop was impolite and while I was explaining myself he just wrote the ticket. he asked me for documents after he wrote the ticket. Seems like he already had the story in his head, before he pulled me over.

I – 95 3 miles north of NC state line, going south

Emporia, VirginiaMay 25, 20140 Comments

City of Emporia PD wrote 83 in a 70.

US 58 Highway eastbound in curve

Emporia, VirginiaMar 05, 20140 Comments

the Police Cruiser sit on the right shoulder 2 miles east of interstate 95, as you are traveling eastbound heading out of emporia. they sit at the first hill as you come over. then again in the curve on the right shoulder.

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