Emporia, Virginia Speed Traps

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I-95 just north of Emporia

Emporia, VirginiaJan 09, 20140 Comments

Was headed south on I-95 coming back from Williamsburg traveling at 81 in a 70. I had slowed down and let most traffic go past most others were going over 85. I was the only car on that scratch on a Monday mid morning. I see a black Dodge Charger in the woods and think ok I’m only going 80 I’m ok, wrong, he pulls out and catches up to me lights strobing and siren going. He explains that I was popped for going 82 in a 70 which he says in Virginia is a careless and reckless. I was stunned! In NC you would never get stopped for this! This was a local Greensville Sheriffs deputy. I promptly got my local NC attorney to refer me to one in Va and got it reduced to Improper equipment for $255 in Virginia fines plus the $150 for the attorney. Funny part I called one of my NC trooper friends right after I got the ticket and he told me the NC governors suburban got the exact same ticket a few months prior and there was no flexibility even though they were troopers, what a racket these folks have going.

I-95 median

Emporia, VirginiaNov 20, 20130 Comments

I got a ticket for going 80 in a 70 mph stretch on Thanksgiving weekend on I-95 South in Greensville County, Va. County sheriff cop car was in the median of I-95. Several days later I started getting a barrage of letters from local attorneys offering up to fight the charges for me….their marketing info was that speeding is considered a various serious offense in VA, that I didn’t have to be in court to represent myself, their low cost fees between $85 – $125 depending on the attorney (ticket fine was just over $100)…. apparently a source of their revenue too. Anyway since this was my first ticket in 5 years I didn’t fight it and chalked it up to a lesson learned while driving this stretch of road. On the way back home, I noticed the sheriff cop car in the same place. Driver’s beware!

Hwy 58 Emporia

Emporia, VirginiaDec 23, 20120 Comments

New scam by those who disgrace their uniforms. The facts: Travelling the speed limit with my two young daughters in the back seat, 18 wheel truck driving in left lane directly beside me, pass two Troopers sitting off the road with their lights flashing but no-one pulled over. Trooper takes over 10 min to pull me over as the truck, which is still driving beside me doesn’t move over. Trooper states that I am getting a ticket because "VA law requires me to move over the next lane when passing a state trooper". I respectfully remind him of the truck that was next to me, which he rudely ignores. After I receive my ticket he races off to catch the next victim for the exact same thing. Most people are on to their speed trap so these disgraceful public servants are finding new ways to fill their coffers. Terrible people, don’t support Emporia hotels or restaurants!!!

I-95 north between mile marker 14 and 17

Emporia, VirginiaSep 01, 20120 Comments

Sheriff’s deputy in the trees of the median near MM14. I had just been passed by a car with VA tags, when suddenly I was being pulled over. The deputy was so fat he had trouble getting out of his car, and was not interested in the car that had passed me. Incredibly rude and pompous, the King of Greensville County. I drove 300 miles to go to court, asked three questions to which he replied "I don’t know", "I don’t know", and "I don’t remember". My explanation about radar beam width and the distance from the trap went nowhere. "Guilty!" said the judge with the bloodshot eyes.

As you approachand pass by this town on Rt. 95.

Emporia, VirginiaDec 11, 20110 Comments

The sheriff’s deputies and the VA State Police work this section of 95 continuously. Check all cross overs and center islands. None of the deputies are truthful. They don’t understand how their radar works. And, the judge supports their lies. IT”S ALL ABOUT REVENUE. I think they also train other law enforcement agencies how to WORK RADAR for profit. Set your cruise control at 60 and continusly pray.

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