Fair Oaks, Virginia Speed Traps

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I66 – 7100 (FFX Co Parkway) to US Rt50 — 8 Traps 2 WB only

Fair Oaks, VirginiaMar 20, 20100 Comments

This entire area is a hot spot throughout the night, different times between 10pm & 4am, use caution 65mph or less.

Interstate 66, 4 median openings, 2 HOV access ramps and hiding behind the access ramp/under the bridge for Monument Dr over i66.

Frequency seen: 1 or 2 times in a week at night.
Heading east bound on i66, as you approach the exit for the FFX Co. Pkwy, in the median, you have an HOV access ramp from Stringfellow Road under 66 upto 66. Police (State usually) will hide looking both directions, sometimes they move down the ramp far enough to not be seen, but have radar running.

Frequency seen: 1 time per week or less at night.
Just east of this HOV Access Ramp is a cut through. Police are less frequently here, more often at the access ramp, but its worth caution.

Frequency seen: 1 or 2 times a month at night but frequently during rushours (morning/evening)
East of 7100/FFX Co Pkwy, the first of two median openings, this first one is sometimes easy to miss, for those traveling east on 66, because the back side of a highway sign is very near the opening, so an officer sitting there isn’t seen at first. At night they target east bound speeders, in the daytime and evening rush hours, officers there are targeting HOV Violators.

Frequency seen: 1 to 2 times per week at night, more frequently during rush hours
Further East from 7100 (FFX Co Pkwy) the second of two median openings. This one is near the bottom of the hill between FFX Co Pkwy & the hill at Monument Dr. This opening is also sometimes difficult to see due to the sign above, and any tall grass at the opening.

Frequency seen: 1 to 2 times per week at night, daytimes 2 to 3 times per week, afternoons before HOV more frequently (1 – 3 pm)
This HOV Access ramp is very close to US Rt50. If traveling East, you’ve just come up a hill and are starting to come down from the peak, thus they look for speeders. During the afternoons, if not prepping for HOV, they are often higher up on the ramp, watching for speeders west or east, out of site for most drivers (eastbound because they’re higher up and behind you, west bound the bridge over 66 for US 50 obscures them).

Frequency seen: 1 or 2 times a month
Just east of the HOV Access Ramp to Monument … just at the exit/on ramps of 50 is another opening in the median/barrier. More frequenly the police (state) are sitting here facing east which makes it appear they are watching west bound traffic, wheels turned as if they would turn 180 and go west after someone.

The last two, are when the officers are at their sneakiest. Frequency seen, once or twice a month. These effect only westbound I66 travelers, and are more likely during the day.

The first is the HOV Access ramp to/from 66 and Monument Drive, which is a bridge over i66. Because this access ramp meets the bridge above 66, there is a dark covered area at the edge of the ramp where it meets the bridge. Officers have hidden here, and westbound i66 drivers in the left lane (or any lane if there is no traffic) are subject to this very sneaking hiding place.

Further westbound on i66 just before Rt 7100 crosses under the interstate, a Motorcycle Officer has setup a speed trap at the edge of the median watching left lanes (or any lane if no traffic). This spot is completely in the open, however, its at the crux of the hill created by the over/under pass of 66 & 7100 … and prior to this, the westbound traffic has its lookahead vision obstructed by the bridge for West OX rd, and then by the hill. This officer has been seen mid and late mornings.

In general, this area of 66, doing 9 to 10 miles above the speedlimit seems to allow people to get by without persuit, faster than that, or calling attention to yourself/vehicle and you’re likely to get caught.

monument Drive near fairfax county Parkway

Fair Oaks, VirginiaMay 25, 20051 Comments

The trap is at the intersection of Monument drive and Fields Brigade, right before the Fairfax County Parkway. Sometimes the cops will be in an undercover car on fields brigade pulling over traffic speeding on monument. Other times the cop will be hiding on the shady sidewalk on a motorcycle on monument. They catch a lot of ppl breaking the 35 mph speed limit because they are trying to make the long fairfax county pkwy light.

Interstate 66 near Fairfax County Parkway

Fair Oaks, VirginiaJun 15, 20041 Comments

its in the median. going east bound, its the first turn-around spot after the route 28 exit. going west bound, its the first turn around spot after that HOV exit ramp. i routinely see state police and fairfax county cops sitting there. mostly impalas, crown vics, and grand marquis. they can face both directions DURING ANY TIME OF DAY. iv seen them face the opposite side of rush hour traffic knowing the other side will be going much faster.

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