Gordonsville, Virginia Speed Traps

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Entering Gordonsville from the NE on Hwy 15

Gordonsville, VirginiaMay 03, 20160 Comments

When entering Gordonsville from the NE on Hwy 15, the speed limit drops quickly from 55-45-35, immediately followed by one or more officers pulling people over in the highly-convenient VFW parking lot. I had been about 200′ behind a grouping of 3 cars for about 10 miles, going exactly the same speed they were when I got popped. As I pulled over, another officer had another car pulled-over in the VFW lot. When asked if I knew how fast I was going, I said “the same speed as the cars in front of me”. Then, the officer denied there had been any cars in front of me, so not only are they running a speed trap, but their cops are liars. This situation is obviously an intentional set-up to provide revenue for the town. We were going to stop, eat and shop, but the town got our money instead of the businesses.

Highway 231 2 miles SW of Gordonsville, VA

Gordonsville, VirginiaJan 14, 20160 Comments

Speed limit on 231 in Gordonsville is 35 mph. As you head South West it has a feel of opening into a rural environment. As you come over a small rise maintain your speed. Two Sheriff’s Deputies were in the VFW parking lot standing in the ditch along the road using laser guns. Three of us were pulled over in a 15 minute time span.

Rt 15 Rt 33 Rt 231 near State Routes 15/33/231

Gordonsville, VirginiaNov 08, 20070 Comments

Rt 15 Rt 33 Rt 231 all come into a traffic circle in the town of Gordonsville, VA Thru truck traffic is prohibited on Main Street of Town and the police ticket trucks all of the time day or night. Radar is used heavyly enterng the town from any direction. I live here and work in town. Drive carefully.

Rt 15, 2 miles North of Rt 690

Gordonsville, VirginiaMar 01, 20020 Comments

I was pulled over on Rt. 15 recently. The cops will sit in medians and try to catch you with M-Radar. I’m pretty sure this is only late at night because I’ve traveled on this road around rush hours (6-6:30PM) and have never seen anyone pulled over even though the general traffic flow is 10MPH above the speed limit. I saw a lot of cop cars in the area, and assumed it was an accident. The cop reported my speed wrong; he said I was going 69 in a 55, I was doing the speed limit, and in a chain of cars to boot. He pulled behind the car behind me and tried to pull him over, but when he didn’t pull over, he advanced up to the next car in the lane, me, and since I was doing 5 below the speed limit then, the cars in front of me had already dissapeared.

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