Haymarket, Virginia Speed Traps

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Highway 55, east of Old Carolina Road, near US Post office

Haymarket, VirginiaSep 19, 20170 Comments

Today I was going east on highway 55, east of Old Carolina Road, going around 25 mph. The speed limit was 25 there, and around the post office it becomes 35.

As I approached the 35 mph speed sign, I naturally started to speed up. Literally two seconds from the sign a cop, going the opposite direction, U-turned and nailed me with a ticket, claiming I was speeding in a 25 zone. I was going 30-35 mph right in front of the 35 mph speed limit sign.

The cop explained to me that the speed limit doesn’t change until you pass the sign. I agree with that on principle, but nailing someone when you’re literally two seconds from passing the sign is just plain stupid.

This is asinine.

Corner of the main entrance to Piemont and Old Carolina Rd.

Haymarket, VirginiaJul 31, 20120 Comments

As you approach the main entrance of the Piedmont community on the Old Carolina Rd. toward Rte15, the cops in motorcycle will hide their motorcycles just inside the turn entrance to the Piedmont and will aim speed gun at your vehicle. Because the road has a substantial downhill grade, your vehicle will naturally gain speed without you noticing it. Just be careful as they are having a fine time collecting fee$, not in the same level as Hopewell VA $peed trap program but still good getting for them.

The Entire 4-lane Portion of Route 15

Haymarket, VirginiaFeb 29, 20122 Comments

North of the Haymarket Town Limits, The posted speed limit on Route 15 is 55 mph. Going 65 is physically very easy during the four-lane portion (which ends 4 miles later at the 234 Terminus) but most cars don’t even approach the limit due to the speed trap enforcement. I go up here on Saturday nights and almost always see at least one car pulled over, especially southbound near the I-66 Interchange where the limit drops to 40. I don’t go to the south side of town much but the limit drops from 55 to 40 coming towards town that way too.

Old Carolina Road near 4r’s Preschool

Haymarket, VirginiaNov 30, 20101 Comments

Haymarket Police will sit on the left hand side of the road as you travel over the railroad tracks towards Route 55, adjacent to the single family homes, running radar towards Somerset. Most of thier vehicles are "slick tops" so you cannot tell they are present until you are stopped. The Chief has been known to sit to the left of the field just before the railroad tracks catching speeders coming over the crest of the hill just before Somerset. The speed drops quickly from 40-25 mph. He uses an unmarked Crown Vic that is burgundy in color. The speed limit throughout Haymarket is mostly 25 mph and is strictly enforced!

I66 before and after Rt 15 (4 traps)

Haymarket, VirginiaMar 20, 20100 Comments

Frequency Seen: once or twice a month during daylight hours watching westbound traffic.

Just West of Haymarket / Rt15 on i66 is a paved opening in the median. This spot watches westbound traffic more frequently (it seems) than eastbound traffic. Have seen police there mostly during the daylight hours.

Frequency seen: once a week at night (11pm thru 1am) Sometimes more frequently, like a few nights in a row.

If you’re traveling east bound on i66 … just after the exit to go to Haymarket, local police (Haymarket) will sit on the **right** side of the road watching traffic come through at night. This is on a slight curve, and they sit far enough to the right that they can easily catch traffic coming through without being seen until you are almost on top of them.

Frequency seen: 2 times a month or less at night, more frequently rush hours or daylight

Just east of the bridge for Rt15 over i66 is a paved median opening. Officers (state or local Haymarket police) will sit more closely to the east bound lanes, and more frequently are perpendicular to the road, not parallel, thus they are usually more visible / reflective at night, more surface area visible in daylight areas. I’ve seen them go after speeders, but it seems by being more perpendicular to the road, that they are trying to be visible.

Frequency Seen: once a month, usually at night, but in the past 12 months I’ve seen one sit there in daylight hours

Lastly, an eastbound only trap … once in a while the police like to sit on the left side of the onramp from rt 15 to 66 east … there’s no way to see them until you’ve passed by and if speeding, its too late.

(potential 5th trap)
I’ve seen the police (both Haymarket locals and state troopers) do the same tactic as above but on the westbound on-ramp to 66 from rt15. I’ve seen this 2 times in 6 years. Its possible to happen more at rush hour or other times, just haven’t seen it as many times as I’ve seen all the other traps above.

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