Hopewell, Virginia Speed Traps

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MM11 North and south bound sides

Hopewell, VirginiaFeb 20, 20170 Comments

This is well known speed trap HOWEVER, because it is well known, the Hopewell Sherriff’s Office is now sitting in PG County – about 100 outside (south) of the PG County/Hopewell City line and shooting radar & laser into their jurisdiction. THIS IS LEGAL so be careful. While in the .7 mile stretch of I295 South, stay well below the speed limit. The Deputies (all part timer’s mind you) have a quota to fill and will falsify their tickets knowing that out of state drivers won’t bother to show up. This is free money for the Sherriff’s office so do BE CAREFUL.

MM11 i295

Hopewell, VirginiaNov 29, 20150 Comments

Sheriff sits on mm11. Claims to be able to clock cars coming around the bend sight unseen. Even though there are multiple cars traveling in the same direction all at the same time. Officers abuse their authority. Illegally charge drivers going at higher speeds though drivers well within law. This is not only a speed trap but a way for cities and counties to illegally raise revenue for their budgets. Within this stretch of highway i295 there are no traffic cameras. And, within this stretch of highway i295 there sits at least 5 sheriff’s cars between Hopewell and i95 interchange.

I-295 north of Exit 9, Hopewell, Fort Lee

Hopewell, VirginiaOct 10, 20143 Comments

Just a reminder that this 9/10 of a mile of I-295 (north & south) remains a very active speede trap set up by the Hopewell City Sheriff. Yes, you think the Sheriff would put deputies on the streets of one of Virginia most dangerous citys inwhich to live to protect the citizenry (of stay in the courthouse where Sheriff and Sheriff’s Deputies belong), but no, he’d rather harass out of state (and local) folks passing by Hopewell and steal thier money for his pocket. Anyway, when you see the sign “Enter Hopewell City”, slow down. The Sheriffs sit at the end of that 9/10th mile stretch, which is a gentle curve, so hard to see them. Know this trap is real. (hopefully, sooner or later the VA legislature will stop this type of waste (or someone with money can sue as they did in the other well known speed trap in Waldo Florida.)

I295 Exit 9

Hopewell, VirginiaMar 10, 20140 Comments

The cops are sitting there every morning, especially to catch people on their way to work. Shameful! Do some real police work fellas. Catching people for doing 76-80mph on a wide-open stretch of highway is ridiculous. This police force (hopewell) has also been published in the paper for their notorious speed trap(s). There are days when I often see two cars pulled over at the same time. Just a misuse of police resources.

I-295 N & S Hopewell

Hopewell, VirginiaMay 13, 20130 Comments

AND still a hugh money pot for Hopewell City Sheriff. VA legislature failed to stop cities from engaging in speed trap enforcement, so for another year, crime in Hopewell increases while Deputies are put on speed trap enforcement on the 2 small strips of I-295 that just happen to run through the city. The SO uses marked and unmarked cars sit at the end of the stretch of highway inside the city lines. And STILL, no accidents have occured on this stretch of I-295. JUST BEWARE. when you See the Hopewell City Limit signs (there are 2 small stretches both N & S lanes) just slow until you enter Prince George Co.

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