Kenbridge, Virginia Speed Traps

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State Road 40 entering from Blackstone

Kenbridge, VirginiaMar 21, 20110 Comments

The stated speed limit just out of town is 55 MPH which is then only marked with one 45 MPH before you get to a 35mph sign into Kenbridge. You automatically get a 60MPH ticket once you see the 35MPH sign if you miss the 45MPH sighn as the officer sits at Heathloin Street (near North Broad Street and North Ciricle Blvd). Officers issue no warnings and it doesn’t matter if you are a member of any National or Virginia Police Associations, etc. You will get a $151.00 ticket. The District Court phone-in line does not have voicemail; therefore, you will have to call and call the following Monday – if you were charged with a ticket over the weekend and then you maybe get a court clerk in the afternoon. This speed trap is well known (and to me personally now) as per people in Victoria, Crewe, Blackstone, etc. This is an anti-business and oppressive, if not preditory, practive by local law inforcement officials. This is perhaps why people do not go back to Kenbridge. It is a shame as the countryside and people in this area are very nice.

State Highway 138 near US Highway 40

Kenbridge, VirginiaJan 09, 20080 Comments

constantly moving, all over town, cops are in trees, on roofs and in seemingly abandoned cars, most enforcement ive ever seen 🙁

State Highway 40 and 138 near Town limits

Kenbridge, VirginiaAug 25, 20050 Comments

Kenbridge is a little town with police officers everywhere, why does a town so small have so many cops. They write ticket after ticket and when one car is pulled over another car goes by where that one took off from. It is crazy. Everyone that has recieved a ticket needs to put an entry on this site so we can attempt to stop this ticket writing craze. Lunenburg county should be rich from all the fines and court cost and they should thank the Kenbridge Police Department for doing so.

State Route 40/49 near Town limits

Kenbridge, VirginiaJul 24, 20040 Comments

This is a speed trap that extends from the town limits of Kenbridge to the traffic light. The entering speed is 55mph then 45mph then 35mph then 25mph. The officers hide in the trees, behind signs, on hill tops, behind broke down cars, and behind buildings. Almost every weekend there is a checking detail by the warehouses this is over kill and i have talked to alot of people about the tickets they have recieved. The State police are in it also and patrol the town just as much as the town police. It does not matter if you live in Kenbridge, Victoria, or Lunenburg county you will get a ticket and you will be guilty in court.

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