Leesburg, Virginia Speed Traps

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Masons Lane near State Route 15

Leesburg, VirginiaApr 13, 20080 Comments

This is Mason’s lane, the road btwn the Heritage High School and Route 15. Once in a while, there is a cop stationed there. Sometimes it’s a big truck, and sometimes it’s this really tough motorcycle cop. Do more than 2-3 mph over, and he’ll pull you over if you’re a high school student. The reason the cop is there is because people have houses on this street, but this is a "backroad" that many of the "popular" kids take, specially ones sporting modified cars, when late for school. Average speed of most drivers on this road is 60. speed limit is 35.

State Route 15 South near Leesburg Bypass

Leesburg, VirginiaDec 05, 20070 Comments

I have gotten 2 tickets at almost the exact same spot that set me on the course to ruin for a while. One of which, was while I was headed to court to stand trial for a prior one right in the same area. There is a sign that is none too obvious – "Reduced speed ahead" warning of a speed decrease from 45-50 MPH and then, as soon as you see that sign, there is a sign very soon after – too soon – saying 25 MPH. No Fair – Not anywhere near enough time to slow down. And boy do they know it. Also RT 15 up around Oatlands. Yes sir. Watch out all you Otherwise law abiding "exceed the speed by 10mph" folks. Your day has come.

US Highway 15

Leesburg, VirginiaAug 12, 20070 Comments

Normally found in median among clump of shrubs shooting two lanes of northbound traffic on long straightaway. Occasionally southbound traffic will be enforced from a setback located just north of this intersection.

State Route 7 west near Welcome to Leesburg sign

Leesburg, VirginiaJul 31, 20070 Comments

there is sometimes a radar trap right behind the "Welcome to Leesburg" sign as you are headed west just before you reach the city limits. It is deceiving becasue the speed limit drops abrubtly to 35mph. Watch out!

State Route 7 West near Plaza Street

Leesburg, VirginiaJul 11, 20060 Comments

For the past several days on my morning commute heading out of Leesburg (eastbound) I have seen a motorcycle cop with a radar gun, measuring the speeds of people coming into town on Route 7 West. The speed limit drops from highway speed to 35 mph just as you cross under the rte 15 bypass and in my opinion it’s too sudden a drop. Anyway I’ve never been busted by the guy but I have seen two different people pulled over by him on separate days.

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