Manassas Park, Virginia Speed Traps

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Euclid avenue

Manassas Park, VirginiaJul 31, 20150 Comments

25 mile per hour road. (Ridiculous limit given the amount of traffic). Manassas Park police hiding behind a bush in cruiser. Ticketing like mad!

Euclid and Industry Drive

Manassas Park, VirginiaOct 01, 20102 Comments

Cops sit down off the road in the building parking lot next to the stop sign. Writing tickets to people trying to get to work for 35 in a 25 in an industrial area. Why don’t you guys go arrest some criminals rather than just adding to the City coffers?

Manassas Drive/ City Center

Manassas Park, VirginiaJan 19, 20101 Comments

Area is recently posted 25MPH due to constructed of the much empty Park City Center. Raised speed tables (bumps) greet travelers east and west between Euclid Avenue and Rail Road Drive. Officers patrol by mobile or stationary radar. Be wary of a parked (or mobile) blue or black Ford Explorer in this area. Be wary of a gold Chevy Tahoe or black Cadilac Escalade, as well.

It’s a real wonder why the building is so close to the road, but please slow down. 35 MPH plus is pretty fast in this area, even for an experienced NASCAR driver.

Moore Drive near Prince William Parkway

Manassas Park, VirginiaDec 14, 20072 Comments

Beware and Slow Down! When turning from the Parkway onto Moore Drive they are frequently in a residential driveway mostly on the right, sometimes on the left before you reach Signal Hill. The speedlimit doesn’t seem unfair, but drivers often speed thru this area, because it is a great way to cut thru and avoid Liberia Ave. Also, beware of the deadly intersection of PW Parkway and Moore Drive. Drivers coming from Moore drive turning left onto the Parkway need to yield to oncoming traffic from the otherside of Moore!

Euclid Avenue near Manassas Drive

Manassas Park, VirginiaJul 11, 20070 Comments

City of Manassas Park officer will be on foot (with cruiser parked in a nearby lot) using a hand-held laser to check your speed as you head north on Euclid from Liberia Avenue towards Manassas Drive. If you are speeding above their tolerance level, he’ll wave you into the parking lot where another officer issues you a summons. Vehicles going faster than 25 – but not enough to get stopped – will get the friendly "slow down" hand gesture. The four-lane road is posted at 25 mph — far below the flow of traffic & maximum safe speed. I was going almost 35 mph (and yes, I only got the hand gesture to slow down) and still felt as though I was crawling. I went through there twice today (once each direction) and there were two cars stopped already and he was ready to get another one. Be careful in that neck of the woods!

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