Prince George, Virginia Speed Traps

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156 just past Sandy Ridge Rd.,going towards P G from Hopewell

Prince George, VirginiaApr 14, 20110 Comments

There is a cop that sometimes sits in the parking lot of the apartments on the hill right after you pass Sandy Ridge Road (heading from Hopewell towards Prince George), I actually think he was there because of me, I had never seen a cop there before so a couple nights in a row I just punched it going down the hill (hitting about 70),after a few nights I stopped,and lucky I did…about 3 nights after my last “run” he was sitting there,and was there every night for nearly a week, I haven’t seen him there recently, but I’m not gonna take any chances.

I-295 North just before exit 9.

Prince George, VirginiaOct 06, 20100 Comments

Located behind sound barrier wall. You won’t see them unless you look in rear view mirror. State Police

Every road in Prince George County

Prince George, VirginiaJun 28, 20102 Comments

When the sign says 45, do 45, not over or you will be ticketed. I was caught on Baxter Road, a 35 mph road, doing 53 in the first couple of months I moved to PG county. The cop was sitting in the gas company lot with his radar gun. Thank goodness that the gas company has enclosed their property and the cops are no longer able to sit there. This incident was about 7 years ago and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Needless to say, I am looking for a new place to live outside of PG county.

US 460 East between 95 and West Quaker Rd

Prince George, VirginiaApr 26, 20101 Comments

Speed trap is mainly between Courthouse/wagner Rd and where the speed limit goes back to 55 once you past West Quaker. They usually sit in the median after you pass the 295 overpass. when you pop over the hill it is too late. and sometimes the cops will be lined up at the Sacred Heart Church entrance and will have a car that looks broken down with a guy in the back shooting radar then radioing the car desriptions to the cars at the church entrance

State Highway interstate 95 near Exit Number crater rd and rives rd

Prince George, VirginiaOct 12, 20070 Comments

The police are always patroling interstate 95 between the crater rd exit and rives rd exit. Everyday morning and evening the police have someone pulled on the south and northbound lanes. Go the speed limit when you go through those exits.

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