Richmond, Virginia Speed Traps

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MileMarker 11 295 Bypass

Richmond, VirginiaApr 22, 20161 Comments

Sheriff’s Deputies sit and wait. Pick and choose out of multiple lanes of traffic who they want to stop when the physics of the radar are impossible to pinpoint. I personally was in the middle lane and was passed by multiple cars in the lane closest to the officer. This is certainly a speed trap, I am a police officer and know that it is impossible to pinpoint the specific car in multiple lanes of traffic with multiple cars at multiple speeds. They will teach you this in radar certification training. I am a certified radar police officer and this is a trap to raise revenue for their brand new cars, radars, computers, etc. Slow down in this area. Yes I even received a ticket and was not given any professional courtesy.

Bon Air Elementary area, McRae Road. 1 block west of Buford

Richmond, VirginiaMar 12, 20161 Comments

Speed trap began IN FORCE since beginning of March, 2016. Has been no previous radar set up in over 2 years. Radar is set up on McRae from 8:10 to 825 AM , one to two days/week. McRae leads to Polk St., which brings traffic around to front door of Bon AIr Elem., where there is a 15 min. window for arriving students . ALL bused students enter at the back door. There is no pedestrian traffic on this part of McRae, it is bordered by woods and ditches. When turning off of Old Bon Air Rd. onto McRae, the speed limit drops to 25 mph. There is immediately a large downhill followed by a large uphill, radar is set up to your right at top of hill, maybe 30 yds. from crest. Police use a church parking lot entrance alcove to wait for you. Police are waiting for those at 35 mph, which would normally be a very safe speed (NO PEDESTRIANS HERE !) excepting for the school zone classification. Be sure to tap your brakes before topping the hill to get under the 25 Mph limit.

Belvidere Street North side of the Lee bridge

Richmond, VirginiaDec 04, 20150 Comments

There is a stop light on the south side of the bridge so you start from a stop going across a four lane divided highway with an untraveled ‘stopping’ lane on your right. That half mile looks and feels like an Interstate highway. The speed limit is 45 and there are multiple police cars waiting just past the Va war memorial to catch you when you come off the bridge. Less often you will see the police on the south end of the bridge. The trap is run several times a week if not more often.

Powhite Parkway Main Toll Plaza

Richmond, VirginiaDec 03, 20150 Comments

Usually State Police, often on motorcycles so very difficult to see them ahead, shooting laser radar. Speed limit is 45 through the EZ Pass area. Here are the coordinates: 37.531436, -77.515158

Powhite Parkway Bridge

Richmond, VirginiaDec 03, 20150 Comments

Cops like to sit before and after the bridge, often with laser radar. Speed limit is 55 through this area. Here are the coordinates to the center of the bridge: 37.538986, -77.496450 (just plug into Google Maps).

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