Stafford, Virginia Speed Traps

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I-95 (Stafford County)

Stafford, VirginiaDec 11, 20180 Comments

It was May 1975 when my friend and I were cruising through Stafford County, VA on I-95 at 4:30 am. We were at the end of a 10 day break in Myrtle Beach, after finishing our second college semester of our freshman year. We were both 19 years old. I was driving a 1974 Datsun 260z sports car between 65-90 mph, trying to reach College Park, MD before 7 am. There wasn’t a car to be seen and all of a sudden there was a car behind me, high beams and red lights glaring. I was being pulled over by a “Trooper” and cited for speeding. I was going 78 mph in a 55 zone……and there wasn’t a car in sight.

Since I had a New York State license & tags, and Virginia did not have a reciprocity agreement with NY State for traffic violations at that time (1975), the trooper gave me a ticket and told me to follow him to the Stafford County Municipal Courthouse.

I was arraigned before a Judge, pleaded guilty, and fined $54.75. Between my friend and I, we had about $40, which left us short on cash, but I had my check book. The Judge/Sheriff declined my check and my watch, and advised me to call my parents, and have them wire the money. I complied and after speaking with my very concerned mother, I was escorted into the “Intake” area.

In this intake area I was instructed that I was to be detained and was then told to empty my pockets, take off my belt, and shoe laces. I was then led to a cell inside the jail….that’s right, I was being put behind bars like a common criminal because I didn’t have the $14.75 to pay a speeding ticket fine. I spent a day Inside a cell with about 15 other “inmates” waiting for Western Union to wire the money.

That was 43 years ago and by the look of these comments, these clowns are still running the ole speed trap scam…….

That was the first and last time I was in Stafford County VA.

RT 1 between stafford courthouse and 610 on weekends

Stafford, VirginiaSep 22, 20131 Comments

Between the stafford courthouse and 610 can be a nice joy ride on the south side but the cops hide on driveways. Going north bound do not even think about going 5-10 over. Friday and saturday nightish you will see a minimum of 5 sheriffs driving up and down that stretch because of Micks bar and sports grill. Always catching the slightest speeder for a DUI coming down the hill.

Barrett Heights Rd

Stafford, VirginiaSep 08, 20100 Comments

Stafford good ol boys checking the 25mph speed limit in the early AM. Just doesn’t seem right though, the only people going through there at that time are active duty Marines and Government workers. Stafford, find someone else to harass!

rt 610 and joshua

Stafford, VirginiaJun 11, 20100 Comments

new contruction speed limt 35.

Rt 1 in Log Cabin Parking Lot & near the Hospital

Stafford, VirginiaMay 03, 20100 Comments

County police sit in Log Cabin parking lot shooting radar at North bound vehicles. It is a posted 50 MPH zone but when comming down the hill from Airport Auto Sales, it is hard to maintain the speed limit. Vice versa; Vehicles traveling South bound on Rt 1 from the 35 MPH zone at the Courthouse need to watch speed as the tarvel down the corresponding hill. A motorcycle unit sits on the right hand side of the road adjacent to the hospital shooting radar at south bound traffic. It changes from 35 to 45 to 50 within a couple 100 meters.

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