Suffolk, Virginia Speed Traps

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2100 Block Of Holland Road (Route 58)

Suffolk, VirginiaDec 17, 20140 Comments

The Suffolk police have been at it all day again on the people driving east on route 58 in the 2100 block of Holland Road. They are getting people up around Maning Bridge Road heading toward the city of Suffolk where the speed limit changes down to 45mph. This is usually a end of month location but it seems they are out there in full force today. I work in the 2100 block and every time I walk by the front windows of my store, they have someone new pulled over. At last look, there were two Suffolk Police cars pulling people over two at a time. Be careful!

Route 17- All of Suffolk

Suffolk, VirginiaMay 26, 20141 Comments

Route 17 in the City of Suffolk is a speed trap the entire length of the road- from the Chesapeake line to the Isle of Wight line. In November of 2013, the City Manager approved the remaining 55 MPH zones of the road to be reduced to 45 MPH. The change was against the suggestions of the Federal Highway Administration, and against the City’s own speed study. (The study may be requested from Traffic Engineering for those interest.) With that being said, the following are the known speed traps within the City on Route 17:

From the Western Freeway (164) westbound: The police occasionally wait in the grassy median by the 164 eastbound 164 overpass.

Westbound and Eastbound: The police occasionally wait in the fire station median.

Eastbound: The police occasionally wait in the parking lot of the Temple Beth El.

Eastbound: The police quite often wait in the parking lot entrance of the Bennett’s Creek Office Park. This was an old 55 MPH zone that was artificially lowered to 45 MPH to create a trap.

Eastbound: The police have occasionally started waiting in the parking lot of, and behind the BB&T bank.

Westbound: The police VERY often (almost daily) wait in the parking lot of Sturtevant Funeral Home before the Godwin Bridge. This was an old 55 MPH zone, and road conditions still permit that speed. The lowering of the speed was deliberate to create the speed trap (again, request the study from Traffic Engineering.)

Westbound: The turning lane to St. Andrew’s Church is occasionally frequented by the police, but this mostly occurs at night. This part of the speed trap not only includes the Suffolk Police Department, but also the Virginia State Police. They monitor people coming over the Godwin Bridge since it is a blind hill when coming over the bridge.

Eastbound: The police occasionally wait in the parking lot of St. Andrew’s church.

Eastbound: The police often wait in the parking lot of the old 7-11 (now a small church.) It is the building next to Dogwood Run dog boarding.

Westbound: The police occasionally wait in the median right before the Post Office.

Eastbound: The police occasionally wait in the lot of the old Central Fidelity (later Powell House decor… currently a vacant building, but the Powell sign is still up.)

I have lived in Suffolk for over 20 years and travel 17 daily. I am ashamed at what our stretch of the road has become.

Great Fork Rd. in Whaleyville

Suffolk, VirginiaMay 25, 20120 Comments

This trap is in the 35 mph zone .5 miles from Hwy 13

460/58 Near Wilroy Road Exit

Suffolk, VirginiaJul 13, 20110 Comments

Got a ticket here in 2010 and travel this road every day (had never had a ticket). Every day I see a cop with a car stopped in the SAME SPOT. Speed Limit is 60. Make sure you obey it. Pricey fine.

Crittenden Road – Between Rt. 17 & King’s Highway

Suffolk, VirginiaJan 26, 20110 Comments

Crittenden Road is a 5 mi. road connecting Rt. 17 by Smithfield Gardens Nursery and Cedar Point to the other end of King’s Highway in Chuckatuck (N. Suffolk). This road has two village areas – Sandy Bottom and Hobson – of 35 mph zone and the rest is pretty much 55 mph. Suffolk police frequently camp out anywhere on this road, but especially in and around the two villages. Don’t chance it! I take this road daily to work. Stick to the speed limit signs.

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