Suffolk, Virginia Speed Traps

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US Highway 58 at the median near Suffolk Cotton Gin

Suffolk, VirginiaOct 31, 20050 Comments

This trap consists of a unique, revenue generating "hump" in the middle of the highway median where officers lie in wait for their next ticket. They can catch anyone going in either direction. The hump is large enough so two or more patrol cars can be hidden at any one time.

US Highway 58 near Holland Road Crossing, New Overpass

Suffolk, VirginiaJan 07, 20050 Comments

Officer holding Lidar gun positioned over US58 on overpass, clocking drivers as they come down the road, at least 12 other marked cars within 1/8 mile vicinity receiving radio to pull and ticket. I was cited for 66 in a 45 here, zone had just turned to 45 and I was decelerating along with the rest of the rush hour traffic. Saw at least 4 more pulled while I was signing my ticket. Blatant speed trap. Aren’t speed traps illegal, and doesn’t the officer who clocked you have to write the ticket? Hearsay, right?

US 58 Bypass

Suffolk, VirginiaJul 10, 20030 Comments

Traveling westbound – This is on the Bypass just after the split from 58 West. There is a long sweeping curve heading west. Local police usually sit at the apex of that curve, either facing the oncoming traffic from the right shoulder or facing in the traffic flow direction on the left shoulder. Additionally, less than a mile further down there are large shrubs in the median. Westbound you will not see the radar car until you are up on it. Eastbound traffic will spot him, but not until you crest the hill. If you are over the limit and there isn’t too much traffic, he will be able to track you before you can slow down.

I-664, Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel, Suffolk approach area

Suffolk, VirginiaApr 17, 20020 Comments

It is common for State Police to set up shop around the Suffolk side approach area to the Bridge Tunnel (from VA-Pri 164 interchange to the start of the Bridge). Mostly sitting off to the right behind trees and shrubs on the South-bound side but also within the "Authorized vehicle only driveway" right before the start of the bridge monitoring both sides. There may be some radar-ing done from the middle of the Inspection station on the North-bound side. A vehicle being pulled over for speeding is very common. The speed limit on the bridge is typically 55 max (it does change for weather problems) and 55 for the approach area. Traffic commonly exceeds 75. There are lines on the road in this area for aircraft VASCAR, although I don’t know of anyone caught using that yet. Not too far south of the approach area, the speed limit is increased to 60.

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