Bellevue, Washington Speed Traps

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Just north of the Newport Circle on NB WestLakeSamm

Bellevue, WashingtonMar 24, 20120 Comments

This is north of Newport Elementary and the French Immersion School at the end of the school zone. This trap is usually running in the warmer months but motorcycle cops will just sit there and tag you as you go through the school zone. You can’t miss it when it is running as there are lots of cars pulled over being *serviced*.

Main Street eastbound at 116th Ave NE

Bellevue, WashingtonJan 27, 20120 Comments

Speed limit is 30. Motorcycle cop at the corner needs to bump up his $ numbers at the end of the month. He watches cars coming East from down the hill at 112th about a quarter mile away. Most traffic does not continue on Main, but those cars that do then disappear into a dip and then up over I-405. The cop picks out any old car appearing over the rise–that must slow down anyway at 116th to turn! and is then easy to pull over. Doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest driver in the city driving an underpowered car, the cop will claim in a boilerplate statement that he could tell from that absurd angle that you were going 40, and that the radar proved it. Judge will hear "hill" and find that you’re probably guilty, which is all they need to take your money.

On SE 16th St going west between 148th Ave and 145th Ave.

Bellevue, WashingtonApr 07, 20110 Comments

After passing 148th Ave on SE 16th St you go down hill in a 25 mph zone. They may be on foot, on cycles or in cars. There are 2 small down hill sections before you reach QFC at 145th and they like to monitor both dips.

Bottom of Lakemont Blvd and I-90 on ramp

Bellevue, WashingtonJan 10, 20110 Comments

Speed limit coming down hill is 40 mph. As soon as you hit the light and cross Newport the speed limit is 30. There are Patrol cops hiding under the freeway underpass with radar guns and pull people over by walking into the road and waving them over for their ticket of $113. (For 1-5 miles over the limit of 30)
Twenty yards beyond that area, the speed limit is 35 mph. Just the cost of living in Bellevue.

Bottom of Lakemont Blvd Near I-90 W

Bellevue, WashingtonJun 07, 20100 Comments

As you come down the hill on Lakemont Blvd and travel through a traffic light you will notice that the speed limit slows from 40 to 30. Motorcycle cops will sit at the bottom of the hill behind traffic cones and are running Ka Radar. Make sure that you slow down from 40 to 30 at the appropriate time or else you could be facing a serious ticket. Especially since the area is considered a "construction zone."

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